bath bomb cupcakes2I have had such a great time with my niece lately, she has been here helping me work on a bath bomb recipe that I came across years ago, and while it was okay I thought it could be better. It’s been a couple of weeks, the house smells wonderful and everyone I can think of is tired of sitting in the tub trying these out for me…. Including Daisy who loves her  “tubbies”.

First I wanted a product that doesn’t have unnecessary, harmful (mostly expensive) ingredients in it. I’m not a believer in unnecessary ingredients, pure and simple works well for me.

Second it needed to work well and provide an enjoyable bath experience. Meaning it didn’t leave a mess in the tub to clean up and left your skin feeling silky smooth and moisturizer.

Lastly it needed to be reasonably priced. I won’t pay high prices for bath products and don’t expect anyone else to either. At least I wouldn’t want any one to but that would be their choice.

Simple ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, grapeseed oil, borax, sugar, meringue powder,bath bomb cupcakes cream of tartar, natural coloring and fragrance oil.

So here is the end result….I have posted them over at our selling blog…Lizzy Lane Farm Country Store. These are a hefty 5-6 ounces and are scented with a combination of fragrance oils that is and earthy pine scent, refreshing and energizing.

I want you to try them so, this week and next week when you place an order over at the Country Store I will add to your order a bath bomb cupcake for you to try.

I always add a surprise product to the orders I ship out, I like to share and give my customers a chance to try something they might have been looking at but didn’t order or a new product not yet listed at the Country Store. Last week and the week before I sent out the massage bars  these aren’t yet listed but soon will be. I have had some great feedback about them.

Fizzing Bath BiscuitsLast week brought another new experiment as well. Fun bath bombs with added Calendula, Chamomile and White Sage. These are still being tested and so far the feedback is positive.

These look more like biscuits so my friend Mitchell tells me. He has named them Fizzing Bath Biscuits, I like it so that’s what they will be. Same good ingredients but without the frosting…

The family is also tired of being teased to no end in that there have been dozens of yummy looking cupcakes sitting around and not a single one to eat….So for them I made an extra large batch of cupcakes for them piled high with butter cream frosting. With the company in and out all weekend they didn’t last long.




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  1. What brilliant ideas you come up with. I gaze with admiration from afar – I don’t have a bathtub!

    Please, Karyn, what is meringue powder?

    care and huggles to you all at Lizzy Lane Farm,

    Michelle (and a snoring Zebbycat)

  2. Hi Michelle and Zebbycat too….

    Meringue powder is used in cake frosting, it is a substitute for raw egg whites. Basicly this is egg whites and sugar but have been dried to a powder and pasturized.


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