New Things

Well today was Daisy’s first day of pre-school at her new school. She was up early this morning and ready to go! She was surprised to find she already knew one of the other girls there.

They saw each other, held hands and walked off to play together, leaving me and the other mummy just standing there. A great start for the both of them.


Waiting to leave...

Waiting to leave...


Might as well relax for the ride....

Might as well relax for the ride....


d school

We made it to school...


The other great news is our Black Java hen, Dumpling left this for us in the coop a couple of mornings ago…none since then though…

Our first egg....

Our first egg....1.4 oz. ...Should I frame the picture and hang it in the coop?

Isn’t it the greatest little egg you have seen today? I think so any way. Daisy said she was going to eat it for breakfast if I poached it and put it on toast for her. That’s a promise for later in the week.


And look what stopped for a visit this morning….turkeys!

Mumma and babies

Muma and babies

Have a wonderful day!




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  1. Way to go, Dumpling!

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