Where did this week go?

I hope the title says it all. Here it is Friday already and I haven’t finished all that I wanted to this week. Filling out forms and applications takes time, more time than I like it to, and I’m still looking for work.
Pepperberry Massage Bar

Pepperberry Massage Bar

I did manage to work on some more soapy stuff this week for the Farm Store , the Etsy Farm Store and up coming craft fairs.

They are solid single use massage bars. Massage bars are solid massage lotion, ment to melt with the warmth of your hands. These are made with Cocoa butter, Cocoa oil, and vitamin E oil, very good for your skin without leaving it feeling oily. The oils soak right in after a few minutes.

 They smell nice too and are scented with Pepperberry, a complex warm blend starts out with traditional Black Pepper notes mixed with Black Orchid. This spicy, sensual mixture is accentuated with All Spice, Wildberries and Bulgarian Rose, finished up with heavier notes of Pine Needle, Oak and just a small hint of Vanilla.

You will notice these are not colored but their natural color of the oils used. I don’t like to use unnecessary ingredients, natural or not.

We have been using it around here all week to sooth tired muscles. Daisy has been enjoying it for her nightly massage before bed to help her sleep. A lavender version is in the works for today. Lavender while stimulating also is a good mood lifter and great when needed to sleep. A wonderful herb for children & anyone who have a hard time to calm themselves.

Just for you to try

Just for you to try

I have packaged the Rose Oatmeal soap samples, and am headed to the post office later today to mail them out.

They have cured very nicely and are making the house smell oh’ so nice. I have a bar of it in the shower and I really like the oatmeal, it has a gentle yet nice scrub to it. Oatmeal is so good for dry itchy skin so common this time of year.

So here is my list to where my soap packages are headed. Ladies keep your eyes open in the next few days for your package.

  • Tracylea S.
  • Leigh W.
  • Deborah R.
  • Terry C.
  • Claudia B.
  • Robyn B.

Thank you all for trying the Rose Oatmeal soap. Once you have tried it, please take the time to post about it on your own blog or leave a comment over at the Farm Store, can’t wait to see what you think.

One last thought for today, the fencing is finally up on the chicken coop and all nailed down. Not a hard project but took some time. It turned out okay, we used lumber we had on hand so not all of it is the same size, but that’s okay too, my son, Mark didn’t even notice until I pointed it out to him.

We also dug through the pile of vinyl siding and pulled out enough to side the coop when it’s time. I think that will be nicer and use up some of what we have kicking around from when we built the house. My first plan was to paint it a nice bright white and paint on vines and flowers. Instead the coop will match the house and I have hand painted window boxes planned for it instead. But all of that is another project…

Next will be to get the plywood up on the inside of the coop and build a door for the run. That is the plan for the weekend any way, let’s see how that works out.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be back on Monday to tell you about the Chocolate Zucchini bread and the cream cheese I made this week.



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  1. Ohhh. I will be watching my mail! Thank you so much.

  2. Beautiful soaps and salves.

  3. Hope the chicken coop continues to come together well. Lucky Chickens when they get their new home.

    Massage salve – what a great idea! I hope you are getting a regular massage with it too – you so, so earn it.

    As our springtime prepress ihave realised I just need a lavendar plant or two. I’ll work on that, in the meanwhile….
    sending much love and care to you all,

    Michelle and Zebbycat, downunder xxx

  4. prepress? progresses!

    Proof read, Michelle, Proof read.

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