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Rose scented oatmeal soap

Rose scented oatmeal soap


My noticable absence of posting continues here on the farm. I am busy looking for a job and filling out mountains of forms, applications and any thing else that comes along. I did manage to fit some time in over the weekend to visit with my sister.

When I got there she busy was making pickels and of course I joined right in. We ended up making 2 different kinds from her same bowl of sliced cucumbers. She was using a recipe and after looking at the liquid in the pot we decided the recipe didn’t make enough liquid. I have no idea what the recipe was and didn’t want to figure it out. We used her liquid to fill 3 jars and sealed them. I tossed together the recipe in my head for my bread and butter pickles and we continued without problems. She ended up with 9 pints, not bad for a small garden with only 8 cucumber plants in it. I was impressed considering how lousy my garden did.

While I was at it I made a batch of peanut butter fudge. She knows how to make it to but never does because it never turns out well for her. Her family was oh’ so happy I did this. When I picked up Daisy the following afternoon the entire pan was gone and they were asking for more.

Next we made a batch of oatmeal cold process soap. It is made with mostly organic vegetable oils and no animal fats. There is no artificial colorant in this soap just the natural beautiful colors of the oils. The recipe isn’t new, actually my family has been using this recipe since I was very young, but the scent is. I know these bars of soap last a long time in the shower and lather very well. The scent I decided on is a lovely rose to remind me of the passing summer durring the cooler fall days to come. This is also a very moisturizing bar of soap since it has a large amount of cocoa butter in there too, that will be good for the dry flaky skin to come with the cool weather.

Just for you to try

Just for you to try


I cut the bars this morning, and have set them to cure for a week or so. They ended up being very nice and very rustic looking. Something I love.


Now this is where I need your help! I am going to post them over at the farm store. The first 6 people with a U.S. address to send me an email with their address I would like to send out one of these sample bars for you to try, I will pay the postage. Sorry I just don’t have time for any more paperwork to mail them out over seas. Next time okay?

You can find the farm’s email address on the side bar, the same one you would use to place an order. Once you have used it please post your thoughts over at the farm store on the soap post. This is a scent I plan on having available on a regular basis in the store, I like it that much! So head on over there and leave some of your thoughts, I’ll meet you over there later.

Right now I’m headed to town to cross some things off my to do list this week, fencing for the chicken coop is first on the list- yeah….they make it to the coop before snow flies yet!

Have a wonderful day.



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  1. That is such a good idea K!!! I wish I had something like this to do with what I do, however a sample of basket reed just would not do for most people.


  2. Well hello M,

    Fancy finding you here 🙂 You know I have an old friend, haven’t seen her in years…She makes baskets too…She saves the end pieces and weaves flat book marks. Just a thought, thanks for mentioning the reeds, now I need to give her a call and see how she is doing….You made my day…but you always do. 🙂


  3. Dear Karyn – never mind us Overseas – look after providing for yourselves at Lizzy Lane Farm and treating those in your immediate market.

    Just please do keep some of the rose/oatmeal soap for yourself, a treat just for you. Okay, maybe share with Dick and Daisy too.

    with care and admiration,

    Michelle and my Zebbycat, xxx and purrrrumbling

  4. Karyn,

    I received the soap sample yesterday. It smells *wonderful*! Thank you! 🙂 I am going to cut a quarter inch piece off of the side to put in my sock drawer before I use the rest of it. Just wanted to let you know it arrived. 🙂


  5. Not sure if you have your 6 US addresses; if not, I would love to try the Rose Oatmeal Soap. Its prety hot hot hot and fry here in San Antonio.

    351 Glenoak
    San Antonio, TX 78220

  6. Hi Karyn, just received my order yesterday, and after a bath with your lavender salt spa soap, what a great feeling! Also, the little massage bars are great too. I am looking forward to using my salves too, so I am sure I will be re-ordering. I also have my fingers crossed on the Rose Oatmeal Soap samples.


  7. Randa,

    I am glad you are enjoying your soaps and salves….


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