Oh’ Ya’ It’s All Fun Around Here

Do you like this green better?

Do you like this green better?

I got a phone call this morning form an old time friend/work colleague from my days of working in a print shop. She said she was feeling sorry for herself and a bit green with envy, that she is still working 70+ hours a week and I am home doing all kinds of fun stuff.

Seems she reads my blog every morning before going to work to see what’s going on around here. I guess my recent posts about attending craft fairs, canning, freezing, sewing and general farm work has her a bit down. I think the jar of pickles I left on her front step yesterday while out running around also had something to do with it.

Lets hope it was her wishing she lived here and not my pickles that turned her green…

I cheered her up by telling her about my morning so far and it was only 9:30. First I woke up at 6 and decided to take a walk to the garden to check on it and give it a drink. I found the tomatoes being eaten by horn worms. So the fun creepy job of finding all of them, getting them off the plants without touching them and then the gross (well grosser part) of stepping on them.

So back to the house shaking and itching all over from the thought of those bugs! I walk into the down stairs door and notice someone with very large feet, has tracked chicken poop in all over the rug I just took off the line yesterday and across the cellar floor. Well this is a fun job first thing in the morning too, cleaning up that mess and rewashing the rug. It’s hanging on the line now.

I then told her what was left of the day would be cleaning the house and washing the upstairs floors. I have put that off a week now and it shows!

I invited her over to join in on all the farm life fun stuff and told her after we could sit under the shade tree with iced coffee, but first we would have to mow it, because that hasn’t happened in a week either.

She decided she should stay at work in the air conditioning and just read about my adventures, feeling much better it was her house keeper who was responsible for keeping her house clean.

Oh’ come on Lynn-Ann don’t you like green?–huge green worms and chicken poop?



Note to self: after that comment I bet in my e-mail box will be a nifty jingle her husband write about today’s events! It’s okay D if you don’t. He likes to write silly little songs, they just pop in his head at any given moment. One of his qualities I love about him. Some time I will share the one he sent me about the horse stepping on my foot, it being all sorts of pretty shades of black, blue, yellow for weeks. It ends with something about it wouldn’t have happened if I wore high heels to the barn. 🙂


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  1. LOL!!!! Just the thought of wearing high heels to the barn…..

  2. Why is it always on the clean rug ??? LOL one of life’s little mysteries.

  3. I caught myself being envious of you early last week, for having the livestock and the farm and the relaxing environment. Then I reminded myself that I have just as much time as you do, and just because I don’t have any animals or acreage doesn’t mean I can’t do some of the fun stuff you’re doing. (And that a lot of the “fun” stuff you’re doing really is “work,” too. 😉 )

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