I have to show you this!

My friend Mitchell and I email back and forth all day long every day. That may seem like neither of us get anything done but actually we do. It’s easy to check quickly then go about what I was doing.

Anyway, he has been working on a new blog. You will find the link to it over on the left side bar. Heritage Basket & Chair Caning. Please take a second to stop over there and say hello to him. Be sure to tell him I twisted your arm 🙂

He has pictures up and detail about the chairs he is working on this week. It is so fun for me to see and hear all about it. I have read all about his adventures for some time now but actually seeing the work makes it all the better. He is so modest, about his work but it looks wonderful to me and much more detailed that I thought.

While you are there take time to look at his latest canning. I am going to keep my eye on that side of it, he is a wonderful cook and has so many recipes in memory it amazes me. Every time I want to know something about canning I ask him and he gives me the answers! Thanks my dear M!

Saturday is my first craft fair in years!!! I am excited about it yet feeling very unorganized at the same time.

…and my son Mark and I got the last holes dug for the chicken coop and all the posts in. Some aren’t exactly straight in line, but it close enough considering we were digging in crushed gravel and some of those rocks were as big as a car tire. I’m not kidding, it was hard but we got it done.

Have a great weekend!



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  1. Good luck at the market Karyn!

  2. Which craft fair, Karyn?

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