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Several people have emailed me lately asking if everything is okay. Because I haven’t been posting everyday like I had been. I appreciate the thoughts, and it reminds me this world is full of caring people.

I since April have been looking for a new job. My job the past few years has been caring for an older gentleman whom shared our home with us. The past few months I had in the plans to put an addition on our house to make a larger bedroom and bathroom to accommodate a gentleman who is in a large wheelchair. Everything was all set, the contractors chosen, the special needs people had what they needed, then the financing fell through and we started looking to finance the project with a personal loan. Then when that was approved the agency whom is in charge of care for this gentleman decided the entire project was just to expensive and decided to place the gentleman into a different home.

The agency at this point doesn’t have any one to place in our home. This leaves me to search other agencies (there are 10 in the state) for a person to live with us. The paperwork involved in just one agency is a months long process, never mind doing all the paperwork for several agencies. Each has to do their own paperwork, background checks, criminal history checks and I forget what ever else. As of now they all are telling me due to the recent State budget cuts they don’t have anyone. This basically means there are people who need the services there just isn’t the funding for them. A sad thought in my mind.

This leaves me to start also looking for a conventional out of the home job. A thought I just hate. That would mean adjustments to how our farm operates, someone to care for Daisy. The other reality is once I found one of these jobs I would need a good deal of time off every week to take Daisy to her appointments, and to continue to help my son,with his daily life, whom has a brain injury. I can just imagine how well that will go over with a new job. I also wonder if after paying the expense of a sitter for Daisy and the missing time off, if working out of the home would be worth the effort and additional expense just to get to work.

How is everyone affording to pay sitters, the cost of fuel and time away from home managing to keep out of the home jobs? Anyone care to share their thought on this?

All this delay and months of no pay has taken its tole on our savings. We are savers and had (at the time) 8 months worth of expensessaved for just such an occasion. Well the cost of everything has increased so much in just the past few months this is leaving our budget very tight. While Dick is still working a full time job that income alone doesn’t cover the expenses just to run the house. Mortgage, lights, heat, food, insurance, taxes and what ever else comes along.

I have been very busy tryingto bring income into the house in the way of mending, baking and crafts. While this helps it still isn’t where it needs to be and the orders are actually slowing down. The usual homes that order baked goods every week have slowed down or stopped due to their own budgets decreasing.

I’m going to try again the craft fairs but I don’t think these are doing well this year. Who is spending money of crafts/gifts when they are trying to keep their homes and cars paid for?

I see it all over the internet and on many blogs, things are still very hard and I don’t see this recession getting any better yet. The building and trucking industry are very good indicators as to how things are going. Neither are doingmuch of anythingand the drivers spend many days in their yards instead of making deliveries as they should be doing.

So to answer the question of where have I been and what am I doing. I have been on the phone, filling out endless forms, trying to rework our budget, and the rest of my daily responsibilities here on the farm. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, caring for the animals, gardening, canning (yeah!), crafting, paperwork and oh’ ya playing with the baby.

I will put this out to any one local in New Hampshire. I do have 2 open beds here in the house for anyone needing assisted living. That is anyone who can not be alone in daily life. Our home is State certified, in fact, I received 100% on last inspection. Actually I have on all inspections. It doesn’t have to be a handicapped person, many families have older parents who aren’t quite ready for a nursing home or don’t want them in one, but just aren’t exactly safe living alone.

It doesn’t even need to be full time, I would be more than happy to spend time with them during the day, on weekends or just for short term respite care.

I also can help take them to appointments, shopping, cleaning up the house, cook meals or any other part of daily living.

My email is LizzyLaneFarm [dot] NH [dot] gmail [dot] com if you would like to talk with me about it.


Hope you all have a wonderful day and are enjoying the summer weather. It has warmed up here and sunny the past few days. The cucumber plants are now actually long enough to start on their trellises. How amazing is that after 8 weeks of growing! Today I will also start digging post hole for the coop run and reseed the garden for our fall crops.

Note to self: It’s time to cut your hair when every time you sit down and pull it because you forget to move it before sitting down. 🙂


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  1. Love your note on the hair issue.
    I’m in the same boat.
    When it gets in the toilet when you sit down, time to cut!

    Sorry to hear about your problem with getting an elderly to live with you. I too don’t know how women work away from the farm. There is so much to do sun up to sundown, I can’t imagine it.

    Thought I would spread a little cheer up here in Canada they tell us things are looking up. Claiming the recession is over.I have to say I have yet to see it personally but hope the papers are correct and things are turning around.

  2. Sorry about your job issue. I totally understand. I’m in the same boat not wanting to work outside the house (I’ve tried, hate it and don’t know how other women do it), but also needing some more income for our family. I’ve been mostly home for 12 years with my kids and wonder what I can do. I’ve done some in-home child care and am thinking of doing that again. I have one child, DS12 homeschooling but DD10 is in school (their choices at this point, basically). It’s always a juggle! I’ll be interested to hear what works out for you.

  3. I have no excuse to not work, other then the fact I don’t want to leave the house! My last job left me feeling angry, resentful and scared. I work as an ER nurse and the dr.I worked with treated the patients like numbers and only ordered what HE felt was appropriate. God knows if I, just a lowly nurse and a FEMALE, suggested something, he did the complete opposite! I am a recovering battered woman, you never get over it, and do not like to feel threatened. He said and did some things that made me feel afraid…and I had to leave there. Now I’m afraid to get a new job. How do the others get over the fear and terror? I asked my girlfriend and she doesn’t know either. My dh and I have been together >30 years andd he understands…to a point. He is retired. I am searching the net too, filling out countless applications and emailing resumes like crazy. I did find the states work force site by accident. You might look into the state job site. Check into the .gov for your area. Also, the state run schools. Do you have any in your area? Sorry, I seem to be re-visiting my scars today. Good lluck on your search. I’ll keep an eye on your web blog to see how your search is going. Elaine

  4. Hi Elaine,

    I guess for me it’s notabout fear it’s about how am I going to manage things here on the farm if I’m not here to do it. There are only so many hours in the day. I Have seen the state job site and have looked it over several times. It is a good resource isn’t it. Our state closed down all of the State Schools many years ago, and those people are all now living with families around the state. This is were my clients usually come from, but just lately there is a cut in the State budget and they are putting every one on a waiting list for services.

    I had a good visit at your site yesterday, I love all the quilt work. Some day I will get to making quilts.


  5. Hi Lisa,

    I had the same problem a few years ago when my homeschooled children decided to try public school. They stuck it out but hated it! That is when I found a full time job but left there when my granddaughter came to live with us, so I have a second family here and haven’t decided what to do about it. Child care is another thing I did for years and LOVED IT.


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