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dandelion fluff


I’m sorry for not posting much lately. I have been busy working on crafting and finding spaces at our local farmers markets. The work on the crafting is going well but the spaces isn’t…

I do have a show to do in a couple of weeks so I will need to go round up all the loaned out folding tables and think about covers for them. My old table cloths have long been reused for other projects. I haven’t done craft fairs or markets in 10 years or so. It should be fun!

On the garden, I walked up early this morning to find something has eaten to the ground every bean plant, all the peppers and pulled up but didn’t eat every last beet. Interesting thing about the beets is that they were doing the same thing the radish did earlier in the year growing greens but no roots. So much for my plans to put these up in the next week or so. I’ll have to replant and hope for a fall crop.

Earlier in the week, my son was “watching” Daisy and when I came home discovered that she had “helped” by picking and leaving on the ground every last green tomato that was growing. Mind you they weren’t all that large yet and there aren’t that many, I might have enough to grind and make relish with them. 🙂

So left in the summer garden that is worth mentioning:

  • the cucumbers and squash have started blooming.. Yea!, only about 3 weeks late.
  • the sage, mint, bee balm, and rosemary are due for another clipping.
  • 8 pepper plants down by the house that haven’t been eaten yet.

Next week if all goes well I will replant the garden for fall crops. beets, carrots, spinach, radish, bush beans.

Looks like I will need to purchase bushels of the summer veggies to put for winter. My usual sources of friends who normally drop off/trade their extra don’t have extra this year if any at all.

And it’s raining again. On the news last night they said we had a total of 4 days in June that it didn’t rain, and July as of last night has been the 4th rainiest in recorded history. We are supposed to get up to 2 more inches today which will break the record. Lets see how it goes… Do you remember when I told you we set a new record over the winter for total snow amounts, lets hope this wet trend doesn’t continue.

The outlook for second crop hay isn’t any better. I feel very good that we have enough pre-bought and stored for our needs this winter. I have been talking to our neighbor who has a hay field doing nothing about fencing in part of it to pasture the horses during the day there. He is undecided about it yet.

Dick has many jobs on hold to cut fields but they won’t dry out enough to get the tractor in without getting in stuck in the soggy mud. So those will have to be done later than he or the owners would like.

Have a wonderful day!




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  1. Karyn

    The same thing happened to my radishes and beets. The plants looked wonderful only no vegetables. My zucchini has been doing well only I had to bring a few in early as slugs or snails got to them and started to eat the tips. I grated the good stuff for the freezer, for when I have more to bake with and the rotted stuff went to the chickens. My tomatoes are huge but with all this water I worry about them cracking. Sorry to hear Daisy got to your tomatoes. She will learn to be patient.

    Today is the second day of sun in a row. I can’t believe it. Not warm enough to rid us of mosquitoes and deer flies but sun all the same.

    We still don’t have half our first cut hay in. the grass isn’t dry till after 1pm and then we need three days because it has to be turned over to dry. Too much wetness. The outlook for next week is not much better. We can hope they will be wrong.

  2. Hey Karyn,

    I remember a friend telling me aboutthe time her husband “helped” her weeding and pulled out an entire row of carrots…

    All this rain is misery. I”ve lost all my bush beans, but we’re harvesting the first set of pole beans, summer squashes and zuchinnis. We even ate a red tomato – one bite for me, one for Glenn. It may be the only one we get. Got a good recipe for green tomato relish or pickles? We did some green tomato monicemeat last year that was pretty tasty…

  3. Maggie,

    Glad to hear something is growing besides mold these days. Pole beans are a good idea! I think its deer in the garden. I do have a wonderful recipe posted here. Weeding the carrots, woops!

    I think it must be all the wet keeping them from growing. Someone else told me the same thing. At least the greens will be good. We haven’t cut first crop yet either, like you we need 3 good sunny days to get the job done, mower conditioner or not. There is no rushing the process is there. Our neighbor is trying his cutting this year one pass at a time to see if he can get any in the barn. It’s slow going and doesn’t seem to make any good hay, it gets rained on.

    Thanks ladies for making me feel better at least I know I’m not alone. 🙂


  4. Mitchell Webster

    I did not see any mention in the fall crops of Broccoli, cauliflower, or cabbage? You could make some sauerkraut? Blanch and freeze the cauliflower and broccoli?


  5. I just want to say that that is a stunning photo of a dandelion gone to seed. Just beautiful!

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