Small Town Living

Last weekend 4 of the Guinea hens went to their new home. They are doing well as are the ones here.

Last night Dick went to one of his Mason’s meetings and came home with the funniest story I am still laughing about.

They are at the meeting and there is a conversation going on:

Guy #1: So Dick how are all those chickens at your house going?

Dick: They are fine and the Guinea hens are getting bigger, bla, bla, bla…need to finish the coop, bla, bla, bla….

Guy #2 : Dick, you have chickens? My neighbor has chickens he got this spring, and they follow him around his yard every nigh after work. You have Guinea hens? My neighbor brought some home last Sunday. I can’t remember what he said they were though.

Dick: I know what they are, they are Pearls and he has 4 of them.

Guy #2: Ya’ that’s what he said, how did you know that?

Dick: I can tell you because they came from my house, your neighbor is so-and-so….

Guy #2: ya’ that’s right, how did you know that?

Dick: How many people in this town would be picking up Guinea hens last weekend?

Guy #1 & 2: Isn’t it a small world.


So how did Dick know this, well the neighbor of Guy #2 is a guy Dick works with and the one we bought the bob house from. We know he lets his chickens out every night and they follow him around the yard.

It’s all to funny to me, small town life at it’s best.

It’s back to raining today, in fact it’s pouring today. The sky is a swirl of grey clouds all going backward across the sky. A sure sign that it’s coming in off the ocean and that means a good Northeaster. No wonder our power was out last night. So I guess my plans for raspberry picking will have to hold off another day.

The good thing about the rain is the garden almost dried out enough to need watering so now I won’t have to do that.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.


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  1. Living near a small town has its advantages and disadvantages. Everyone knows you business and can give their comment however they please on the subject even if the facts are all false. Rumors at their best like when I was pregnant with #6 the rumors had it hubby had left me. I have no idea where that came from? Perhaps a 40 year old woman shouldn’t have been pregnant? Perhaps it was an affair? Funny how child #6 looks just like her dad! But the up side is that they are there at the fall of a hat. Need hay in before the rain, call in the neighbors. Always willing to help and give you their two cents worth.

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