Summer is here!

The 1st time I have seen this in the barn this summer!

The 1st time I have seen this in the barn this summer! Look at that temp.!

After a rainy start I think it is finally summer here. The past week has been perfect weather wise. We have had warm dry days and cool clear nights with a shower or two. The garden is really starting to grow now.

Miss Daisy since late winter has been in love with Thomas The Train. Every rail road track, train or sign she sees Thomas every where she goes. Over the weekend I drew her a map and told her we were going to follow the map to see what we could find.

We had to go through the quiet forest and up over the twisty mountain. We had to see a river with lots of rocks and see a tree with a hole in it along the way. This of course I already knew because we were headed North to the White Mountains and across the Kancamagus highway to North Conway to the Conway Scenic Railroad in the Mt. Washington Valley. Here is the web cam.

You should have seen the look on her face when we looked out across a field near the train station to see Thomas pulling several cars down the track and over a bridge. It was priceless! She was smiling and waving, Hi Thomas, its me Daisy, I found you!

We stopped and spent the day with Thomas and she loved to be able to ride on him.

A ride on Thomas

A ride on Thomas


Daisy & Thomas

 I spent some time weeding the garden, its a strange thing when you are glad the weeds have started to grow. It has been so rainy even they weren’t growing.

I had some time to spend crafting so I cut fabric for the latest project. More on that another day.

4 of the Guinea chicks went to their new home over the weekend and the 4 that stayed here are doing well and still very hyper and not all that friendly. I was reading that they could be tamed if a lot of time was spent with them. Well it must be a huge amount of time because I play with these a dozen times a day and see no difference.

My “little” chick/rooster, Stewie started crowing over the weekend. The first time I heard him I had to stop and look I didn’t believe my ears! I suspected all along this bird was a rooster and now I know for sure!

My being a bit aggressive with him has helped quite a bit. He doesn’t give me the ruffled feather dance any more. When I say aggressive I mean I won’t let him walk up to me any more, I won’t let him boss the other birds around while I’m in sight, I won’t let him eat first. Oh he doesn’t mind, I can still walk up to him and pick him up. When I do I flip him over, check out his toes and wings and when I set him back down I pat him on the back before I let him go. He just looks at me with his yellow eyes as if to say are you done yet?

A lazy summer afternoon

A lazy summer afternoon

Hope your weekend went as well as mine did!


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  1. Woowoo! – to train rides both for and with Daisy. I hope one day Daisy gets to have a long ride on a train pulled by a full on old style steam train.

    My folks used to take young Mickle and Big Sister up to a full on steam powered day up at Maramarua, a couple of hours drive north from Wellington.

    They had Steam Engines all over the place. Even one set up with the other huge great piece of engineering for turning out hay bails.

    Tthe long, long strap/loop between the Steam Engine and the other machine had a single twist in it so it didn’t fall off. I was fascinated every time we went!!! And down below were people forking up the hay on huge great pitchforks.

    So pleased and relieved you have a dry Summer at last. Lots of veggie growth in the garden, lots of happy, fun times with it all for Karyn and dear little Daisy. You are giving Daisy such a richness of life, day to day life, and of animals and plants.

    Special care and huggles,

    Michelle and a sound asleep, much spoilt and loved rescue cat.

    and happy Chickens, Dog and Horses too

  2. the chickens, dog and horses line should have been after the word “plants” ……. brainfade, dear Karyn. Hope you understand what I was getting at…


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