Garden Treasures

garden treasures

Treasures from our garden

Every time I dig around here I find pieces of the past. Our home is built on the site of one of the original farms in the town. The farm back then was much larger than it is now but we have the old stone cellar hole that once was the farm house and main barn. We also have several cellar holes that were carriage houses and out buildings. We have a lovely metal frame to an old horse drawn carriage we dug out of the dirt.

The farm was owned by Lizzy Lane, thus the reason we call the farm Lizzy Lane, it simply has always been the Lizzy Lane Farm…We can use that name because the house was on the corner of our property along with the old hand dug well that still hold lots of good, clean, crystal clear, ice cold water even in the heat of summer.

Others have challenged and argued with the town and the Historical Society to use the name too because their land was once also part of the Lane farm. Their answer was no they could not, they didn’t have the farmstead property.

There is still the Joshua Lane Farm on the other side of town. They grow and sell Gladiolas each year. The Lane Tavern that is the home of the Historical Association here in town. That was a stop over for the stage coach run years ago. And there is the Lane Burial Grounds, the Lane Family Cemetery.

Here are some more treasure of current findings.

They might just make it yet

They might just make it yet


Bush beans getting ready to flower

Bush beans getting ready to flower


Delaware chick taking a dust bath

Delaware chick taking a dust bath


Stewie the Java, standing guard

Stewie the Java, standing guard


Daisy and a barn kitten playing on the hay

Daisy and a barn kitten playing on the hay

So what treasures did you find doing chores this morning?


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  1. Michelle in NZ

    Strong, positive thoughts to your tomato plants. In the unlikely event that they don’t make it – I’ve used green tomatoes in veggie stir frying. They don’t go mushy yet sweeten up a bit in the cooking. Lovely flavour bursts when you eat it.

    When Mum was preparing to come down to Wellington at Easter (for a quilting symposium) she told me she would bring some ripe tomatoes. Dear Mum must have thought I was daft when I asked for really green ones too – yet she passed the message onto Dad (the veggie gardener). Not only did he oblige, but asked for cooking details!

    Another lovely photo of your beautiful Daisy. She has such wonderful eyes, and an incredibly wonderful Grandmother.

    Hope your weekend goes well, sending care,

    Michelle (Zebby is sound asleep – woohoo)

  2. Michelle,
    What a sweetie your dad is! Yes, we always end up with green tomatoes, our growing season is just so short. If you look in the side bar on the right there is a nice recipe for relish using green tomatoes. I do enjoy fried green tomatoes too!


  3. We’re an “old” farm too, and I’m always turning up “junk.” Thanks for the reminder Karyn that these things are really treasures; physical reminders of the people that came before us; people that worked and loved the land as we do!


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