A Beautiful Day

San Francisco

San Francisco

My blogging buddy who happens to live very closed by at Howling Hill came over for the afternoon yesterday. I had such a great time. She brought her new puppy Athena over and they met the horses. She wanted Athena to meet them up close and personal so she could be calm when she meets others on their walks down at the old village. She did super! Athena is such a nice puppy and very smart too. I hope I get to baby sit some time. (Hint, hint and a wink, M.)

Dalton had a play mate all afternoon and he was very happy. He took a nap I’m sure while we were gone and was still sleeping when I got back. This morning he and Daisy are sleeping in a bit. 🙂

We went to the Farmer’s Market that was a lot of fun. I came home with fresh brownies and Daisy shared them with her Puppa. It was a bummer that this is not my shopping week there were some nice green house veggies there and raspberries too. But that’s ok because I can just go over the hill and through the woods to the farm and get some next week.

I actually have been drooling over the tomatoes for a few weeks now. My niece and I tried to pick strawberries there and they weren’t open for picking that day. The tomatoes, a whole green house full, were just starting to ripen.


G chicks

After supper I went to a friend’s house and picked up 8 Guinea foul that she had hatched the day before. 4 are going to stay here at the farm and 4 are going to another home over the weekend.

I’ll have to do some reading to find out more about them. I do know they are very good at eating bugs especially Japanese beetles and ticks which is why I wanted them. From what my friend tells me if I keep them confined for 8 weeks after that I should be able to let them out to roam free and they will come back home each night to roost. She tells me the eggs are very good and 2 Guinea eggs is equal to 1 large chicken egg. She also tells me they roast well and are very tasty.

I was told when I was deciding on a breed of chicken for here at the farm that Black Java were very friendly and calm. I tend to believe this now. I haven’t had a lot of recent interaction with many breeds of chicks but boy these little fluff balls are FAST and very nervous. I find the Delaware to be a bit nervous too and neither are as friendly as the Black Java.

Does any one know any thing about Guinea foul?

Speaking of Black Java, our sassy teenager rooster Stewie is starting to become a bit aggressive. Nothing major just yet but he does try to challenge me by giving me the stretched out neck stare down with his feather up on the back of his head. I pick him up, turn him over on his back and make of him, check out his feet & wings. I then put him back on the ground between my feet and tap him gently a few times on the back before I let him go. He will run away and the next few times, he is ok when I go to see him. There is a great article about keeping roosters here, and it goes pretty much with what the chicken guy down the road told me too. He also told me that when I go to care for the chickens to wear a ball cap and always swat the rooster away, after a bit when he sees the cap he will stay away from me. I told the guy I didn’t want the rooster afraid of me, and his answer was he won’t be afraid but respectful. A rooster will not approach the dominate rooster-EVER.



Monday I set these strawberries to macerate in the refrigerator to make jam. I am using a recipe I was given a few years ago by a friend, but I have seen it on the internet. It is a Christine Ferber recipe for Strawberry with Black Pepper and fresh mint. So that is what I will be doing today. There are 5 pounds of berries and they should make 2 batches of jam.

And this afternoon I think I will give the horses a bath.


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  1. Athena and I had a wonderful time too. She was crapped out on the couch all night, snoring away. She was so tuckered she didn’t wake us up to go out nor did she jump on us this morning. There’s nothing like a tired puppy!

    You’re welcome to puppy sit anytime! I’ll give you a call the next time we go away. Sometimes we go to the in-law’s for the weekend so it’d be good to know she’s safe and sound instead of lonely in the house.

    I’ll let you know which day next week. My work schedule is a little screwy because I need this Saturday off which meant I had to do a switch.

  2. Is becoming the dominant rooster adding another feather to your cap? so to speak lol. I like hearing your observations of the chickens and what you are learning about them. TFS

  3. We have some Guineas. I absolutely love them – you either love them or hate them. They tend to be loud and a bit flighty. They are great foragers – I rarely feed mine; just a bit of cracked corn now and again as a treat. There is a debate – some people say leave them in for 12 weeks before letting them range.

    What color did you get? I have pearls (gray spotted) The lighter ones tend to get eaten by perdators rather quickly. We started w/six and are down to 2 about 7 years later. They mate for life, like swans, but ours only hatched out one clutch & was a terrible mom. Took the keets across the street one day and came home alone! Next spring I’m getting the mixed pack – 30 keets, minimum 3 different colors!

    Monty is back from Howling Hill and he has adopted out 2 remaing Guineas – very cute!

  4. I think what we have will be Pearls also. They came from a mixed batch of hens and rosters. It’s good to know they won’t need a lot of feed. I will keep them in 12 weeks to be sure. Our neighbors very close by have several (all pearls), I’m going to have mine banded (leg band color only, no id) so I will be able to tell who they are and were they belong.

    I didn’t know there were more than the 2 colors, pearl and the dark brown….I’ll have to look into that.

    Monty sounds like such a ham, errr I mean chicken. M. told me he had to go home he was to noisy for her. 🙂


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