One Good Decision


Ha! Hay season. This is the time of year when every barn in the area is empty! I mean the floor swept clean empty, hold a barn dance empty, the mice are starving kind of empty.

The first or second week of June is usually the time to cut the first crop of hay. The time when it is usually sunny and so ungodly hot you hate to move but have to, the hay needs picking up and put in the barn.

Not yet this year, the rain is still coming and the hay is laying over in the fields (lodged, we call it) That’s when a good rain/wind storm tangles the long blades together like a little girl’s wet long hair after a bath. When that happens it makes it hard to cut and dry. It also makes for some messy bales to feed out, the hay is clumped all together and not fluffy.

At this point every one would be happy for even that. Back in February I took a good count of the bales in our barn. Now usually I will leave enough in there for the month of June and sell off the rest. Not this year, we didn’t have extra to sell off. At this morning’s count I have just over 20 bales left. For anyone keeping track or wondering that’s about 20 days, probably less.

I have friends calling almost every day asking if we have extra. I don’t. Asking if I know where there is any, I don’t. Now in an ideal world I would have acres of grass growing and could simply move the horses to the growing fields, I don’t.  Our’s and many others rely on hay most of the year. I’ll spare you the talk up on my soap box about the farmers, the cost of land and the taxes around here. Let’s just say it’s not good.

I’m glad I decided to hold on to the extra bales. What hay that is around is yucky and now selling for over $6.00 a bale. OUCH!

My point , life around here is mostly planning, evaluating and just plain luck. It’s a constant job, not just something done once in awhile when I think about it. Every thing I look at or do has thought put into it and plans are made.

It’s a bad feeling when you wake up one day take a look at a situation and say now how did that happen, why didn’t I do something about it when it was a small problem? But that is exactly what does happen if you don’t constantly evaluate everything around you.


I guess great minds think alike because Rhonda Jean is blogging about something much the same. She is evaluating everything in her life and how she is doing. Looking for things that could be done better, taking inventory and has invited us to join in on another of her Biggest Kitchen Table posts. A challenge of sorts to get us back on track. I’m up for the challenge because I personally think I do a pretty good job at this on a daily basis. I shall see, this will be one surprise quiz I will enjoy.

She is also talking about not spending any money for a week from July 3 until the 9th. I will say this will be easy since this is not one of my shopping weeks.

I will have to say right up front I will have 3 planned purchases that can’t be put off any longer, it has already been 2 weeks because of the rain and I will not put the health and well being of my family or animals in jeopardy for a virtual challenge.

1. I will be purchasing shavings to bed the animals.-We are just about out.

2. I will be purchasing mulch hay to mulch our veggie garden.

3. I will be purchasing plywood to work on the chicken coop.-The baby chicks need to be out of the cellar and outside.

I can’t put these things off until the following week, it has to be done next week. So for me these purchase won’t count, don’t you like how I make up my own rules for someone else’s challenges? 

I like that is is such short notice too! If I have been doing my job as I should, I should be able to open my cash envelope for groceries and  purchase what I need. Or I should be able to go to our emergency money…Another surprise quiz. How is my budget doing? We shall see….

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “A stitch in time saves nine”…. or how about “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”

How true. Now to go prepare for the coming week, we need milk and baking soda.


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  1. Haying issues up here in Ontario as well. We need three days in a row to do a proper haying job. We did get 30 acres in over a week ago but…………that was a week ago. It has been wet and raining since then. I sure hope it isn’t a wet summer like last year. By the way the strawberries up here aren’t even close to picking yet. they are there but really want the sun and heat to ripen. Have fun with your spend/no spending week.


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