How Does Your Garden Grow?

A walk around the yard this morning. It’s dreary and gloomy so this post is going to have some color 🙂


Lately it doesn’t seem the gardens here have grown at all. It has rained for the past 2 weeks and is still raining. The forecast is calling for more rain right up until Monday. In the month of June it rained 24 days according to our local weather forecaster.



I had to plant the last of the tiny pepper plants this past week they were just suffering in the pots. Daisy and I dug in the mud and got them all in. I’ll get the mulch put down around them over the next few days. This tiny raised bed is just outside Daisy’s fenced in play area, so she can keep an eye on it. The fence is there to keep Dalton’s sniffy-beagle-nose out of it. I put bone meal in there and he just loves to smell and dig around in there.





The tomato plants have flowers on them but don’t seem to have grown any in the past couple of weeks. This is the only tomato and it hasn’t grown any.

I will need to come up with some stakes or supports for the tomatoes in the next few weeks, no need to rush to get that done, they are pouting and turning yellow at the moment. I think I will also put up some for the summer squash and cukes and give that a try this year.

You can see in the front of the tomato bed where I put in sticks and they are now falling over in the mud, to mark where the tiny tomato plants are, the mulch is taller than they are-Ha!




Bush beans are now about 6″ tall and doing nicely so far. A few have been nibbled by something walking around in the garden. When I’m brave I will weed out the few weeds and add mulch hay around them.



Beets are up and starting to do well, the carrots are up but so far have come in very thin, lets hope some sun will get the rest to sprout if they haven’t rotted. These need weeding and mulch too…




I mentioned the radish the other day that they are getting ready to bolt and have grown no radishes. These were planted the end of April, today is the first of July. The lettuce is also ready to do the same. I did put in another section of radish, lettuce and spinach but nothing has come up as of this morning. I may have to try again. That will have to wait until it dries up. I don’t dare put any seed in the ground.

The ones in the bowl here are the largest of what should be radishes by now. The greens I’ll clean up and stir-fry them with some of the spinach for dinner.

The potted herbs will need another good dose of compost soon, I’m sure what was in there has been washed out the bottom of the pots.

It’s kind of a disappointment when I see pictures of gardens even in our same zone that have large happy looking plants, some flowering and some even starting to produce tiny vegetables…So what gives with mine this year I wonder it is so far behind.


fox glove

BE Susan


Have a wonderful day!


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  1. Down the road here, we’re soggy as all get out too. A lot of things are really suffering from all this rain. I’d almost prefer drought (since I can always haul water from the pond.) We don’t have much for sale at the farmer’s market except chard – even the lettuce got decimated over the weekend and our radishes are already finished. What a June! Maybe we should have planted rice paddys this year?

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