Cotton Dish Cloths

dishcloth white


Here you go Amy, Trisha, Mary & Ethan. Your’s are on their way to you.

What on earth am I talking about you wonder? The cotton dish cloths I have been working on and some have been patiently waiting for me to finish. 

esty-logo1The ones posted in the Farm Store are extras if you are interested. You can find them here at our Country Farm Store.

These cotton dish cloths not only work for cleaning the dishes, they themselves wash up good as new. With each washing the stitches become a bit tighter and they work even better.

When they have seen better days they can have a second life as cleaning rags.

We also use these for face cloths and wiping up little fingers, toes and bums. I toss them into a plastic bag already wet and into the back pack for cleaning up on the go…no disposable wipes around here….

dishcloth yellow1

I would encourage everyone to use cotton dish cloths, they are better for the environment and your budget. Around here a big part of our simple living.


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  1. I have been reading about dishcloths for some time now, eversince I ended up finding (halleluia!!) Rhonda’s blog. I’ve never heard about them over here (France, Holland, Europe) and in the beginning I didn’t even understand what they were! I always wash up with a sponge, and every few days, I have to throw them away… So I just love the idea of the dishcloths we can wash!! I don’t know how to knit at all, so I hope to find someone in my family or friends that can (and can read english, lol)’cause I just love this idea!! When you use them, does it “bubble” the way sponges do? And when you wash really dirty dishes, is it easy to get the stains out?

    Anyway, yours are beautiful, compliments! and thank you for your blog, that I’ve been visiting in every corner today!!!

  2. Hi Shandoras,

    No and yes they do bubble a bit. If you were to pour soap on them and try and wash, no they won’t but scrubbing in a pan of water they work so well! You won’t get the bubbles like with a sponge…

    I have changed over to using thinner cotton yarn than I orig. did. They were a bit thick for me to wring out. I like the new ones much better. The other thing I did was to not make them exactly square in shape, I tend to make them more of a rectangle. longer on 2 sides and shorter on 2 sides.

    They all wash very well. I use a new one every day and they do clean well. Like a sponge they will over time become so stained it’s time to replace them but all in all they do well.

    Good luck learning to knit. There are some great sites on the internet with video for basic stitches. I used them alot.


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