IDC update


The last two weeks of rain has really slowed things down around here. The plants in the garden are turning yellow and looking rather sad. 😦

Plant Something:

The last of the tiny pepper plants went in this past week. I managed to get them planted and mulched between the rain drops.

I don’t dare put any seed in the ground with such wet weather.

Transplanted some tiny seedlings of cat mint and basil into a holding bed and will move to the garden when they are a bit bigger and I won’t mistake them for a weed. Not that I would do that…often…


Harvest Something:

Trimmed and cut back the potted herbs.

Lettuce & spinach is still growing well and has been very tasty!


Preserve Something:

Dried and stored away the herbs. You can read about that here. Sage, dill, rosemary and mint. I am not growing large amounts of these this year. A few in pots will hold us over until I get the herb bed back into shape next spring.

Dried and stored away more clover for the chickens this winter.

I would like to dry more red clover blossoms but they won’t dry out enough to pick them.

I continue to clean, dry and crush all the egg shells.


Preperation & Storage:

Bought 2 cases of canning jars this past week. They were on sale 25% off. Isn’t it odd that canning season hasn’t even started yet and jars are being clearanced out already. I would have bought more but all that was left were the regular mouth jars, not my favorites. I like the wide mouth jars.

Stored dried clover for the chickens.

I dug out several of my old blue ball canning jars to store the dried herbs in.


Reduce Waste:

No food waste this past week. What was left was given to the chickens, dog and cats.

No new plastic brought into the house! And I managed to pass on several plastic left over containers our company left here during their visit. I used them to send left overs to my niece.

Washed out and continue to reuse the plastic bags that are here.

Convinced son #2 to start using is aluminum water bottle I gave him for Valentines day. He still had an old one he was using but the bottom finally finished blowing out the bottom. He forgot it in his car.


Build Community Food Systems:

Nothing this past week. This is the hard one for me.


Eat The Food:

Still eating lettuce, spinach and radishes from the garden. Radish at this point are about done. The next round of them I planted seem to only be growing leaves and not radishes…very odd. Perfect little tap roots just not growing the radish parts.

Eating up the premade dinners I froze a few weeks ago. This is so handy for busy schedules these past few weeks. You can read about what I freeze here.


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  1. I love popping in to your blog, so inspiring.

    The radishless radishes happened to another blogger I follow, they’d had heaps of rain too. Marjie turned the green tops into a delicious soup (

    Hope your rain stops soon. It has been raining here too, but is expected – it is Winter.


  2. lizzylanefarm

    Hi Michelle,

    Isn’t that so funny, I have never seen such a thing. The soup sound pretty good, esp on this cold wet June day. It should be about 80 here and we are pushing 70. Those darned radish are headed to the cook pot, lets see how the family likes it.

    Thanks for the info.

  3. Beautiful picture of the Ball jars. Brought a pout to my face as I had one that I kept my wooden spoons in and it broke the other day. 😦

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