Hey what’s wrong?

dill and friend

Dill and friend

I just noticed that it’s not raining! After more than a week of doing chores in the rain I came back inside almost dry… Oh’ it’s still an overcast, grey day…but better.

This might give the garden time to dry out a bit. My once blooming pink roses are just about ready to bloom and it would be nice to finally see them bloom after 3 years. It has happened every year since they have started growing in the yard, they get all ready to bloom and it rains for days and balls them all up, oh’ well I think maybe next year. This might be the year!

My Teasing Georgia, Austin rose has surprized me by returning and actually blooming with the others. TG is not rated for our growing zone, but I covered it well in the fall and kept the snow piled high on top of it. This particular rose I planted last year at this time as a tribute to my Father. He was such a teaser and practical joker and yes, he lived in Georgia.

 teasing Georgia


And this is another Austin but at the moment can’t remember the name of it.


This is another surprise for me this year, it’s a baby nearly wild rose. Last year I found this as a volunteer growing on the back side of the compost bin. I thought it was a rose…It’s nice to be right sometimes.

 nearly wild1

nearly wild

Iceburgh blooming and nodding in the rain….




And Stewie and Dumpling watching me…aren’t they pretty little mottled Java…

I still let them out during the day in Daisy’s play yard, they don’t mind but never pick up their toys… they try to blame it on the baby….


stewie and dumpling1



Have a great day!


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  1. Oh I love that wild rose! My Iceberg is just finishing up for its season.
    Your last two post’s really have me pondering food use and waste in our house, again.

  2. lizzylanefarm

    Iceberg is one of my favorites. Yours doesn’t bloom all season? It’s fun to stop and think about the other growing zones, all of the roses here have just started blooming and will continue until frost hits again in Sept. They will be hit hard by J. Beetles in another couple of weeks so that will keep me busy knocking them off.


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