Putting Together A Coop

I broke one of my golden rules this spring, well sort of. The rule is not to bring home an animal until I can properly care for it. This includes shelter, food, safe pens or pastures. The Black Java chicks that hatched on Easter morning have been running around the yard during the day and I carry them inside at night to their dog crate.

This has worked well as a temporary solution to not having proper fencing or housing for them. This week Dick was talking to one of the guys at work about chickens and the guy mentioned he should check with the town sheds for abandoned bob houses. They all have to be off the frozen lakes before a certain date or they are considered abandoned or worse yet fall through the melting ice and polute the water.

Any way, before the day was out Dick had bought this guy’s old bobhouse for $100. Wow, I had just priced out the material needed for a 4 x 8″ coop and it was around $350 minus the cost of someone building it.

It is just what I was thinking I wanted to build, it’s 4 x 8 with a clear, slanted roof for solar heat in the winter, windows (they don’t open just yet) and it’s even insulated. We will need to put plywood up over the insulation or the chickens will eat it. We will also need to patch the floor (there are ice holes in it), and reinforce the bottom with some sturdy animal screening to keep unwanted critters out. Add some nest boxes and a few roosts. Pretty simple.

The posts for the fencing will be another issue. It is almost impossible to drive posts into the ground around here, the rocks grow so well. They don’t call this the granite state for nothing.

Sorry no pictures, the sun was finally out and I spent the day puttering around the yard.


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  1. Good to hear you have a home well under way for he chickens : )
    I was posting today and felt odd not having a picture so added an older on of the fabric I am using LOL. nice to hear its not just me finding something amiss to post with no pics

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