IDC- What A Week

Plant Something:

All of the tomatoes went into the ground this week. Yeah!  Even the sad little tomato seedling I have been babying outside the past few weeks. Let’s see how they turn out. I did this during the biggest rain storm, we have had recently. It was a MUCH NEEDED quiet time away from all the noise in the house and rowdy children here on vacation. A warm shower after and all was right with the world. 🙂

More radishes went in as well.

And the 2 lonely pepper plants were moved that haven’t been eaten by critters.


Harvest Something:

Trimmed back the herbs in the pots. Sage, dill and rosemary. I made a wonderful dipping oil with the rosemary, garlic and black pepper corns…



Red clover for the chickens this winter and some for me too


Preserve Something:

Hung the dill and sage to dry in the cupboard.

Dried the clover blossoms on an old screen I have been using for a drying rack in the barn.


Reduce Waste:

I’m not talking about this!…I have never seen such a waste of food in a very long time while our company was here. The compost grew, the chickens and dog ate well if that helps any.


Preparation & Storage:

Not much this week other than the mentioned dried clover for this winter.

Oh’ I almost forgot…I cleaned out some 5 gallon plastic buckets I am going to use for nesting boxes in the coop shortly.


Build Community Food Systems: 

Tried to talk about the importance of not wasting food with the children, when needed-about every 10 minutes…. The mother turned her nose up at me.


Eat the Food:

Used up the last of the chicken put up last fall. A Delicious chicken and dumpling stew, was perfect for our damp cold and rainy week here. Plenty of left overs because my family was the only ones who would eat it.

Lettuce & radish fresh from the garden.


I had a quick minute to check on some of the other IDC posts this week, what great lists and progress from everyone. It’s nice to see the gardens else where producing so well.


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