It’s a zoo here!

We have company, Dick’s daughter and her two children are here for a week or so. Our schedules are out the window and quite honestly it’s so noisy, and messy here I can’t think straight…..I love company, but WOW, can I hide in the barn! The 8 year old is major ADHD, a bully and loud, and the 5 year old is a clingy, whinner and tattle-tale.

Yesterday they wanted to go to the barn to see the kittens. When I got there 3 minutes later they had 2 metal trash cans full of grain dumped on the floor, all the tools off the walls and the kitten was being squished so hard it’s eyes were popping. oh’ and a 5 gallon bucket of dried clover dumped into the mud puddle outside the door.

The chicks are all doing well, I picked up 9 Delaware on Friday and are they spunky little yellow fluff balls. The Black Java chicks are much calmer and quiet. We lost one of them last night, it was the one to hatch late and has been weak since it hatched. I was trying to give it sugar water and pedi-lite for a boost but in reality it never did anything but lay with it’s head down and eyes closed.

Great news, we found a bob house to use for a coop and that will be delivered in the next week or so. I haven’t seen it yet but I bet it will need some modifications. This solves my getting a coop built problem.

Daisy was just wonderful for her preschool graduation, such a little lady! She sat on stage for 3 songs and decided that was enough and walked back to sit with me. They sang about 20, a bit much for a group of 3-8 year old children. Then LONG, I’ll pat myself on the back speeches by all 6 of the teachers. Finally they handed out the diplomas. Daisy waited her turn for about 6 children then calmly walked up to her teacher and said, Daisy’s turn, me want to go home. They found hers and gave it to her and we left. From what I hear, everyone was there another hour or so listening to more songs and poems.


I'm laying down, it's another speech!

I'm laying down, it's another speech!

graduation copy


Yes!, it's time to go home...

Yes!, it's time to go home...


Hope you don’t mind, I’ll be back when I have a quiet moment… I’m writing this post in the barn quickly before the kids find me….enjoy you day.


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  1. Daisy is a sweety.
    My dearest is out making a large chicken run for me today too.
    last year coyotes got into my hen house and ate all my layers, so this year we are double fencing and re-windowing the coop. What you do for something you can get on sale at the supermarket.
    Breath deep and count backwards this week.
    Blessings Marlyn

  2. Methinks Daisy is my kind of gal – I wouldn’t want to sit through all the pomp either! Hope you find a few minutes to yourself – I always love the chaos of visitors, but I always breathe a great sigh of relief when they all go home!

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