Another rainy day

And it’s cold and damp, so I decided to do some baking today. So far I have banana nut muffins and whole wheat rolls cooling on the racks. In the oven is a pork roast for tonight’s dinner. The recipe I used is the same for the banana nut bread only this time I used whole wheat flour, wheat germ and flax meal.

We lost another chick last night, so we are down to one now. The Black Java eggs are peeping away they are supposed to hatch today!  I got a call this morning from the feed store, the 12 Delaware chicks I ordered will be in on Friday.

Daisy has her pre-school graduation on Friday morning. This makes no sense to me at all…She is graduating from pre-school? What a whole few months of playing and eating snacks? The very next day starts her summer program, more of the same, playing and snacks. And guess what come fall starts the new pre-school year. And you guessed it more of the same.

Now my sister is making a big deal out of this, bought her a new dress and sandals for the occasion. Me I would just like to keep her home that day, but no my sister wants to go. To me graduation should be acknowledgement for education you worked for and have met minimum standards of knowledge. Did I miss the class on sand box castle building? Dick tells me with the kind of money we have given the school this past year they ought to do something other than hold their hands out for more.

I’m off the finish up my afternoon chores at the barn, it’s stopped raining for a second.



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  1. Oh I hope you have better luck with your Black Java chicks and enjoy that preschool graduation! lol

  2. It threatened to rain here today but held off. Good thing too because my laundry was backed up something fierce. An issue when one doesn’t own a dryer! Anyway all went on the line and hopefully is dry now.

    I too baked all day. Rhubarb cake, Rhubarb bread, Rhubarb muffins and still cut another 10 cups of Rhubarb for the freezer. Worst part is that was only 1 1/2 plants out of the nine on the edge of the garden.

    Sorry about your chicks. I always find they do better with a hen looking after them but I know little about Black Java chicks. It is frustrating though when they get the wobbles and then go limp.

    My eldest daughter called today wanting to know about Montessori School for her 18 month old. This is for the fall program. My kids never went to any school till University. What do I know about Montessori except like you said it cost money. Oh the joys of motherhood.

    Hope you have a sunny one tomorrow. I’m counting on it!


  3. Sorry about your chicks!

    I agree with you completely on the whole preschool “graduation” thing. I mean, if they were going in all sorts of directions–“off into the world” on their own kind of thing–this might make sense. But as it is I think it’s silly for little ones…

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