Your out-ta’ here!

This one was first

This one was first

Yesterday brought 3 of the Delaware chicks hatching. Daisy had so much fun watching them hatch. One died a short time later, no idea why, but the other two are doing just fine.

I had 15 Delaware eggs to start with and ended up with two. I’m not very good at hatching shipped eggs am I? The Black Java are due to hatch tomorrow, let’s see how they do. I can hear 2 of them moving an pecking around in their shell.

Aw' she cought us eating the dill!

Aw' she caught us eating the dill!

It also brought the two Black Java chicks, Stewie and Dumpling being moved to their temporary outside home. It was like sending my teenage children to their first apartment. I had been bringing them in each night and putting them in a small dog crate. Well the crate went outside and I covered it with plastic and put in inside their wire pen. This morning they were fine and were ready to get out of their cage for a day of dodging rain drops and eating grass as usual.

What a tiring day cooking yesterday. For some reason it seemed to take forever to finish up and do the dishes. Once I made it to the dinner the evening went along just fine. Everyone seemed to enjoy the meal and each other’s company. I was happy to see that and old friends.6 hours old 

It’s raining today so my plans for hanging sheets on the line are sunk. It’s supposed to rain again tomorrow, so I guess I’ll have to break down and use the dryer. Dick’s daughter and two grandchildren will be here late Thursday night or Friday for a week. I should have but my butt in gear over the weekend to get them done, the garden took more time than I thought it would and we snuck off to visit friends in the afternoon.

delaware2I hope she is feeling better! Over the past weekend she had a accident with one of the horses she works with and broke 3 bones in her face. It wasn’t her fault the horse decided it wanted to kick as she was closing the trailer door and sent the door flying back at her. So depending on how she is feeling it might be Saturday before she leaves. It will be so nice to have them here!

And finally Dick had to wait on a moose to move this morning before he could leave the driveway. The silly thing was standing right in the middle and wouldn’t move out of the way. I hope it doesn’t decide to knock down the horse fencing again.

Hope you enjoy your day




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  1. Wonderful pictures of your chick. You must have a very good camera. My new flock arrives in a two weeks. We had to can the last of what we had here because they stopped laying.A few days ago we had a pair of deer on our laneway. So beautiful to watch.
    Looks like another rainy day here too. All week looks like. the garden will love it but my laundry too gets backed up. We had quite a thunderstorm last night, that will get the corn popping out of the ground!
    Have a good day.


  2. Sometimes I break down and use the dryer too! It’s okay…

    I would love to have the chance to hatch chicks. We got our four hens last summer from a friend who hatched them herself. We can’t have a rooster in town so there’s no chance of them breeding, but maybe someday we’ll order some.

    Thank you for replying to my comment on feeding pets. We are trying to give it a go, again. You inspired me!

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Maybe your hens could go on vacation over to your friends house for a few weeks.

    Please let me know how the dog food recipe works out for you.


  4. All week I’ve been listening to Zach, the rooster, crow away. I totally can’t wait until he goes home because I can’t sleep while he’s talking away.

    Zach does have a purpose: to get the chickens pregnant. So far there are two eggs out there and two broody chickens. Here’s to hoping I get some chicks in about a month. By then, Zach will be gone and I’ll be able to sleep again.

  5. I’m not good at hatching out eggs either, you’ve done better than I have.

    Thanks for the links for the brass nozzles…I will go check them out later! Kim

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