Two for one

doingnotthinkingSorry about this, it’s actually 4. I missed both of my posts last week for the Doing Not Thinking Challenge and the Independence Day Challenge.


Doing not thinking

My goal is to work on crafting at least once a day, and to work on actually selling the crafts.

Last week brought the completion of several sets of felt play food. Fried eggs, bacon and toast. These were sold before they were even done. I hope to start more to add to our Etsy site. I’m not sure how they will do there, that site is FULL of felt play food…Local might be the better choice for these.

I worked on snack bags and a lunch bag for Daisy, so I don’t think these count they aren’t for sale, but they are a craft.

I also brought home some more fabric to sew more of the lunch bags. I have already made changes to the pattern. The original is just fine but not a good size for what I have in mind.

I have 2 already sold and I hope to have time this week to finish those and make a couple of more to actually make it to our Etsy site.



Independence Day Challenge:

Plant something-

I did manage find a corner of the yard to put in two summer squash plants and a fence support to train them on. Our official garden isn’t done yet….

I replanted the small lettuce bed by the house two varieties never came up that I planted a couple of weeks ago.

I dug and moves some of my lilies and daffodils that needed to be moved to make room for the tomatoes going in soon. If we ever stop having frost at night.

Harvest something-

A few clipping from the lettuce bed for a small salad.

Picked and dried dandelion leaves for the chickens this winter. (this is something I have been doing daily.) I don’t know if the effort will be worth the reward come winter but it will help feed the chickens.

Picked and dried monarda leaves for tea later in the year.

Thinned back a sage plant and dried the leaves for later.

Preserve something-

Froze extra strawberries, not my own…

Froze extra cookie dough for later when things get very busy. Chocolate chip and peanut butter. All I need to do is defrost, toss on a baking sheet and bake.

Dried monarda, sage and dandelion.


Reduce waste-

Continued to use my own grocery bags and produce bags.

Had no food to add to the compost bin.

Started using the cloth napkins I had saves for special occasions. We use cloth all the time any way but using these I didn’t need to make new.

Cut up old shirts to add to the rag basket and saved the buttons.

Preparation and storage-

Brought home more cases of canning jars, a new canning funnel and extra lids.

Took a good look at what was exactly in the freezer and updated my list.


Build community food systems-

This is the hardest of all. I did help my Niece come up with a master shopping list for her own use.


Eat the food-

a bit of salad from the front garden.

Still mostly eating from our freezer and the pantry.


So that’s about it, didn’t seem like much at the time until I stop and think about all I did do, so not a bad couple of weeks.

How did you do?


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  1. I love your lists.
    Funny I was working in the garden this afternoon braving the mosquitoes & blackflies and thought the same thing. When i went to the garden I was in a hurry to get in and out of there as soon as possible but with all the rain last week I had to take my time and actually weed between the vegetables. We have been having a lot of frost lately at night and I get frustrated about spending so much time putting pails over the plants. All so time consuming. But when i reflect on the week I have baked rhubarb bread and cakes and put in the freezer. I have made two crib quilts for my grand daughter and two sun suits as well. I have cleaned my parents house and visited my outlaws.Homeschooled my daughters. Man I have been busy. Keep smiling it make work enjoyable.

  2. lizzylanefarm


    We were getting chewed up together, I too was in the garden only moving some flowers to make room for tomato plants. Funny thing happened. I took my leather gloves off and tossed them on the ground to walk 20′ to pick up a shovel turned around just in time to see a hawk flying away with one of my gloves. I was stunned, it must have thought it an animal of some sort, it was light brown laying in the grass…

    Sound like you had a very good week full of nice things. Great work!


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