An Anniversary Surprise

flowers black and white

I had planned on writing about upcycling today but after yesterday I changed my mind. It all started when I went into town to do my weekly shopping and pick up what I needed to cook Dick a special, quiet anniversary dinner.

On the menu:

A fresh steamed lobster, his favorite, this is a once a year treat.

A steak cooked on the grill, for Daisy and I who don’t eat lobster or a lot of meat.

Baked potato with butter, sour cream and chives from the garden,

and for dessert pound cake, strawberries and whipped cream with some vanilla sugar I have been saving.

The table was set with a new cloth tablecloth and a place setting for 3. Promptly at 4 Dick came in the door smiling ear to ear. Saying Karyn I invited a couple of people over I know you will be happy to see. I talked with Scott on the radio (CB) today while waiting to get loaded. They will be here at 6.

Oh’ I said and looked at the pretty table and thought of all my plans to celebrate our 9th anniversary with a surprise meal for him. He saw the look on my face and the table all set and told me I’ll call them right up and make it for another day. The oh’ and the look weren’t of disappointment but what am I going to feed them!

I told him no way, I couldn’t think of a nicer way to spend the evening than with my family and closest friends. I quickly pulled the extra table leaf out of the closet and reset the table. Now back to what to do for dinner. A quick run to the freezer, I had just put the extra steak I brought home in there, it might not be frozen yet… I’m in luck, I set it in some marinade and scrubbed some more potatoes.

Just about 5:30 the door opened and I expected to see our friends and to my surprise it was not them at all but more old time friends who stopped on their way north for the week at their camp. What a great surprise! She had brought me several deer steaks from last fall’s hunting trip and fresh rolls! They were Yummy!

Well the table was reset, the grill started, the iced tea poured and just on time our other set of friends arrived. She had brought with her a crock full of freshly made vanilla ice cream and strawberries. To my surprise she also brought me a start from her/my favorite rose bush from her kitchen garden. I have no idea what it is but when in bloom has the nicest pink almost white flowers and do they ever smell nice.

The guys spent some time up at the barn talking over the pulling season coming up, their trucks, and who knows what else, while we took a tour of the not quite yet blooming garden, checked out the chickens and incubating eggs. We dug some lilies for my friend’s gardens and we all played a friendly game of horse shoes and laughed and talked about all the years we all have been friends and the many, many times we have shared together, the good or bad.

We ended up having one of the best evenings on short notice since I don’t know when. I am truly a blessed woman, to have such a lovely husband, family and friends.

I’ll put a thank you note with some of the left over morning glory seeds for them in the mail today for their gardens.


Have a wonderful day,



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