A few of my favorite things

favoriteIt’s been a while since I shared any of these. So I’ll jump right in. First is a new blog I recently found. She is as bad as I am on saving plastic storage bags. I will reuse mine until they can’t be used again. I have even been know to snatch them up before they hit the trash at my sister’s house. She just rolls her eyes at me. Actually she washes them out for me now and brings them to me when she comes over. I ask her why if she has gone through all that trouble why not just use them herself?

So this one is first this week The Beginning Farmer’s Wife and her wonderful bags.

Next would be this super spiffy chicken coop on wheels that Kate showed off with great detail and even better pictures. I love that it looks so sturdy and safe. Something I am always thinking about with all the coyotes around here.

I have been thinking about getting warm not even hot water up at the barn. Mostly to wash the horses with. I even saved a nice plastic barrel for my idea. Then I ran across this from Maggie Mae Farm and it is so much like what I had in mind I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since I saw it a few weeks ago. I want to fill the barrel with rain water and let the sun warm it up. She has a lovely barn sink, I don’t need a sink just yet although it would be nice to have for like her washing veggies and even muddy halters and fly masks. When her farm stand opens I am going to take a ride over, she is close by a few towns over from us.

I would like to collect the rain water off the barn roof, first problem come winter the snow and ice are going to slide down our metal roof and crush the rain gutters…So the solution is to figure out an easy way to take them down and store for the winter. Something to think about but in the mean time I can simply fill the barrel and let the sun heat it.

Two wonderful things from Tansy, first is her solar cooker. I would love to try one of theses. Second is her Herbal Roots series designed to teach children about herbs and things herbal. There are many activities and a new edition is put out monthly. When Daisy and I get caught up on our current projects this will be the next ones for her. Some of the projects might be a bit old for her now but a review next year she will find new joy in the series. Oh’ the art work is just so cute!

What have you found interesting lately? I would love to hear about it.

Have a great day 🙂



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  1. That was a cook chicken coop. I was thinking that you could put a little hatch over the nesting box to get the eggs!

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