Independence Days Challenge- Week 3

Plant Something:

Nothing new planted, but I did transfer to tomato seedlings into larger pots. They seem to be doing very well 

Harvest Something:

Picked and infused wild violets for whipped cream


Preserve Something:

Made another batch of violet jelly.

Made dandelion syrup


Reduce Waste:

No new plastic in the house this week.

Started up a new compost pile. 

Preparation and Storage:

This was not a shopping week for me so nothing new to the pantry or storage area.


Build Community Food Systems:

Research our state laws for food pantry accepting fresh garden produce and home canned goods. Gave this info to the woman in charge of our local food pantry. Still refusing to accept these items even though state law does allow it. She wants microwave ready donations. She tells me many coming into the food pantry have no way to cook these foods or don’t know how to cook them.

I suggested she/we put together a flyer with simple directions for preparing, cooking garden veggies. Along with a few simple recipes….She didn’t like the idea.


Eat the Food:

We are still eating mostly from last year’s preserves and cleaning out the freezer.


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  1. Helen(grammea)

    I found your blog through down-to-earth and check it daily now.
    I am trying to follow along on the waste,preserve,etc. and am learning more.
    How very sad about the woman at the food pantry.
    Here you are offering to help people feed themselves and their families more of a healthy diet and she refuses!!!
    Seems to me like she is part of the problem.
    Micro-wave ready,yuck!!!
    Keep trying!!!
    Hugs and God bless,

  2. lizzylanefarm

    Hi Helen,

    Glad you are here! Hope you can find something interesting along the way. Yes, this woman seems to be part of the problem but maybe she does know what she is talking about. Perhaps she know her customers. It is the ones going in and bringing home food that ought to at least have the opportunity to know there are other healthier options.

    There are a few around here that will be planting extra rows of their crops for this purpose and will be sad to learn the food pantry won’t accept it. I have already mentioned it to one woman and now she is trying to convince the manager of the pantry too.

    Have a wonderful day


  3. What if you made up a crudites tray using some of the veggies you’d donate and have it out for folks to snack on when they came in to pick up their food. That would give both you and the manager an opportunity to gauge the reaction. It may be that people are interested but unsure how to prepare food even to eat raw–maybe they don’t even have a veg. peeler. But I find it hard to believe that the food pantry doesn’t hand out any fresh vegetables at all–no potatoes?

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