It’s A Mixed Bag

violet Today’s post was and I guess still is going to be an about me post. While I am not a very religious person I am a very spiritual person.

I try every day to walk a path I think is kind, giving, caring and gentle. I find guidance in nature around me and yes there is a creator far greater than I guiding the way. To me it doesn’t matter what its called it is the one and only. God, The Creator, The Great Spirit, I know it, I love it, and listen to it. 

I don’t see any one religion any better than another for I believe they all lead to the same path in the end. Each has something to teach me.

I have a good deal of Native American ancestors from both sides of my family, as well as Norwegian and English. It’s a good solid background with age old, timeless religious beliefs that I try to follow and set example for my own family.

We celebrate Christmas and Easter with a family get together and a big meal. Yet I also wash my face on May Day with the morning dew. I keep different herbs with me all the time and always give thanks for them. Halloween is more than dressing up and collecting candy although we do. We also carve pumpkins and have a bon fire. We always talk about what we are doing and why, the reasons behind the traditions and pass on the knowledge.

I woke up EARLY today for some reason, with very unsettling feelings, of urgency and that knotty-twisty feeling in my stomach. Why I have no idea yet.

I took Daisy to school and for a change she was happy to be there and didn’t cry when I left. She always cries, afraid I won’t be back. This was good.

I decided to drive back home a different way through the woods today and saw a cow moose laying in a field, flipping her ears trying to keep the black flies off them, chewing away happy as could be. What a treat to see that.

I passed my neighbor in her old 63′ pick up truck, she waved me down and asked had I seen her Guinea hens, actually yes I did…I told her they were in my yard perched on top of the hay truck and had been there all night. We talked about the gardens soon to be plated, and her new clothes line. I heard what she was saying but not really paying attention. This is not like me at all. One of my favorite things to do is listening to what is going on on the farms around me and hopefully learn something. I like to be friendly and involved in my community.

I followed the school bus picking up children and saw them waving away the flies and yelling bye to their parents. This sight always makes me smile.

I turned the corner just before our yard and strange dog chased me down the road. Don’t know where that one belongs…

I finished my morning chores in the barn. Fed the horses, put on their fly mask and boots, and let them out. Put the chicks out in their pen for the day. Picked some Dandelion greens and clover and set out to dry.

I walked back to the house and the wind was annoying me, and teasing me by blowing my hair every which way so I couldn’t see…

towelsCleaned up the breakfast dishes, hung a load of clothes on the line and checked the email. There was a lovely note from my friend Nanette thanking me and letting me know she had received her package. She also talked about the impact of my post about Daisy and her new doll she sent had on her. I read it and cried and cried! I am so happy she shared this story with me and yet very sad I had upset her in an unknowing way. It wasn’t my intention to upset Nanette, with old memories and yet I hope it helped in a way to move on further away from them. Her honest love and caring is a huge help in so many ways. I believe she is an angel sent to bring our family a message. I need to reply back to her and I sure will…

bird bathI went back out in the yard and noticed my Teasing Georgia rose has indeed made it through the winter. It has the most beautiful tiny spring leaves…I planted it last year after the passing of my father, such a lovely beautiful rose to honor the lovey beautiful person that my father was, also a prankster and loved to playfully tease everyone and cheer their day. I brought back the bird bath with me from our last visit together last spring. (I know most bring back t-shirts or coffee mugs.) The end of this month will be a year since I have heard his intoxicating laughter. I need to call my step mum in Georgia…

I still don’t know what or why this feeling today but it is better. I think some quiet time sitting and writing, and letting the people I know that I care about them and am thinking about them will be the final answer to this…It is something long over due.

I know we all impact each other every time we interact, my hope today is that my impact on you will be a good one and that you enjoy your day.  My goal for the day is to simply enjoy it while I complete my daily tasks.


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  1. I love this post. Our family, like you, celebrate all different religions. I am very spiritual, but not religious. We celebrate all the pagan holidays and many Christian holidays. Halloween is our favorite. I have both traditional pain relievers and herbal pain relievers in our cabinet.

    It’s very nice to know there are others out there like me that see and live life in a similar fashion. It’s very comforting!

  2. Very nice post. I came over from Rhonda Jean’s down to earth blog. I feel similarly about spirituality.

    I think sometimes we just wake up “on the wrong side of the bed” as my grandma used to say. Maybe that’s all it was. I had a kind of cranky day yesterday, too, not sure why. But I know I didn’t write in my journal, and I didn’t walk the dog at noon like usual. Those things only added to my crabbiness! But some days are just like that…

  3. Lovely post, Karyn. I really liked knowing about your day with all the ins and outs of shooing flies and phoning step mums. I love that stuff!

    Pleae email your postal address to me as I have a couple of spare Kialla bags I can send you.

    Hello to Daisy.

  4. Great post Karyn. I was thinking about the spiritual-ness of life yesterday as I hung laundry on the line. The bowing and praising the movement of the task reminds me of ritual. The air infused essence left in the clothing…

    We attend a Unitarian Church. A friend recently told us of a mutual acquaintance who was the son of a Unitarian minister. My husband commented that this acquaintance might enjoy our church. Our friend said that the thing about being Unitarian is that one doesn’t always need a church but that we recognize that our soul can be fed by being in nature, enjoying the ritual of the everyday. The reason we go to this church is our need for community and connection but others find that connection in other ways.

  5. Hi there Karyn, I found you via Rhonda (isn’t she fantastic!). I’m loving your blog, it really resonates with me. Your herbal tutorial sounds like fun, I’ll be checking that out 🙂

    Take care ox

  6. lizzylanefarm

    Thanks, I’m glad you are finding something interesting. Yes, Rhonda have many many good things to teach us.
    Have a wonderful day.

  7. lizzylanefarm

    Hi Karin,

    Connections come form so many in so many ways. I just love to listen, watch and learn from everyone I come in contact with. I hope your friend does enjoy the church.
    My day ended with a great coversation with the wife of our local minister and plans for the local food bank in town. I have been pestering them to help me come up with a way for them to be able accept local grown fresh produce and home canned goods. Seems they will not accept these things for the fear of the food not being safe to eat….I have given them copies of sate law, rules and regulations that allow this and yet there is still resistance…I think it boils down to that the ones receiving help from the food bank either don’t know how to, don’t want to or can’t cook these wholesome foods.
    They are looking for microwave foods.

  8. lizzylanefarm

    Hi Rhonda Jean,

    I will send an email to you. This is so kind of you, and is very exciting to me. Thank you very, very much. I recently sent a message to our local grocery, a rather large chain of them asking for them to offer their natural/organic foods in cloth bags. ALL of ours come in either plastic or paper packaging but mostly contain both, a plastic bag inside a cardboard box.

    I continue to think how to use such cloth as bags to store bread in that will not let it go stale so quickly yet without using plastic or nylon as a liner.

    Have a wonderful day.


  9. This post did have a spititual feel to it. Religion (to me) seems to be more man-made rather than God-made.

    About storing bread in cloth bags…. several years ago I batiked a t-shirt (dye, using wax to keep the dye from certain areas of the design). Since then, I’ve thought that soaking a cloth bag in melted wax and then ironing most of it out (newspaper underneath to soak up the wax) would make a great storage bag. The wax never did wash completely out of that t-shirt no matter what I tried so I’m sure it would be a long-lasting treatment for cloth. (Now that I think about it, it might make a great barrier layer for cloth menstrual pads).

  10. Oh, it was parafin, by the way, not bees wax. Not sure if that would make a difference.

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