A New Home

Stewie & Dumpling

Stewie & Dumpling

Well the tiny little chicks aren’t so tiny any more and have just about out grown their small crate I have been keeping them in at night. Yesterday I took apart an old tall narrow cage I had and made it to longer but not as tall. The chicks seems to like having the extra room. I still bring them in at night.

I put an old piece of plastic across the back and part of the top to give them some shade and to block the wind a bit. I used clothes pins to hold it on there. (It’s actually an old shower curtain I took out of my sister’s trash. It’s a good thing I will never be able to teach her the art of reusing things, I come home with lots of good things from her house.)

I’m still trying to decide on what type of housing I will use for them. I would like a nice well built solar coop. I don’t think this will happen in the next month or so. We have other pressing priorities at the moment. Getting the motor rebuilt in the backhoe comes to mind, yes, it blew last weekend while moving the poop pile…ouch!

In looking around I have seen some very nice hoop houses that would work. It would be easy enough for me to collect the materials and put together myself. My husband isn’t feeling all that well the past few months. I really hate to ask him for help with my projects anyway.

Some of them are using cattle panels and chicken wire or plywood for the ends. Some are using pvc pipe and chicken wire. I think I like the idea of the cattle panel, it seems sturdier in the long run than chicken wire. Some are using plastic bird netting instead of the chicken wire but I haven’t seen any of that local.

Here are a few links I found:





pig penBelieve it or not along the side of the barn is the beginnings of a new pen for a couple of pigs. We had the trees cut a few weeks back. Then we are going to push back the banking a bit and put down a cement pad and a pen. (Anyone need some rocks?) I think we decided to also extend the roof a bit to provide some cover. We are looking to raise 2 pigs for the summer season and put them in the freezer in the fall, so we won’t need more secure shelter for them in the winter. I’m not looking to breed and raise pigs again…Right now you can buy a nice starter pig for $30. with all their shots and worming. The cost of keeping one over the winter is much more than that. There is always a nice selection of piglets in the spring and mid-summer.

You can’t see it in the picture but further back is a nice small field that I hope to fence in this summer for extra room for the horses. Maybe next year use it for a couple of milking goats. But one thing at a time… Remember baby-steps…. Before we raise goats we will need a barn/housing for them. We don’t have room in our current barn for them. (Rule #1 don’t bring home an animal unless you already have housing and a safe place for them to live. I didn’t listen to myself with the chicks.)

Sage & Joby

Sage & Joby

My two ponies watching me clean the water bucket out this morning…

Have a great day!



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  1. Looks ike you guys have been busy! I love your rule about not bringing home livestock without their place ready… my rule too, even if I break it from time to time. Our chicks arrived on Monday and the brooder was not set up so they were stuck in under a heat lamp in the house for a couple of hours & of course hopping out of the box & me chasing them all over the place…

    Your chicks have really grown! Lookin’ good 🙂

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