Look what the Mail Lady Brought Us!

dish towelsThis beautiful package came in the mail from my friend Nanette all the way from Australia.

She is my partner in the dish towel and pot holder swap Rhonda Jean hosted over at Down To Earth.

I haven’t received such a nice, thoughtful and beautiful gift in a very long time.

I can tell Nanette put a lot of thought and love into this, from the recyclable mailing envelope,(a big thumbs up on that one) to the fabric wrapping and the oh so nice gifts inside.

The fabric is so cute, can you see the little girls and koalas? She even used ribbon for ties.

Miss Daisy was just as pleased and this perfect little doll couldn’t have come at a better time for her. She carried it around with her all night and fell fast asleep with it. Can you see that bear hug grip on the doll, just because I wanted to take a picture of it?

No one is allowed to touch it. Without going into to much detail, this little doll represents security she so desperately needs right now. Daisy told me this doll and her baby were me and her. “That’s Mummy & Daisy, it’s a secret.”

There is a little baby that sits in a sling you can’t see in the picture and a little heart on her back side.

Before you all jump on me about a 3 year old having a bottle, her therapist wants her to have it. She doesn’t drink it often and is only offered to her at night. It’s part of her therapy for Post Traumatic Stress and attachment issues she is working through. Miss Daisy came to us at a year old, an abused and abandoned drug baby by her mother.

The pot holders are made from recycled flour & oat sacks and fit into my kitchen and lifestyle just perfectly.

Why here in the US can’t we have such nice, useful packaging? I am so jealous these are available elsewhere. I saw some much like these the other day and mumbled to myself how lucky Rhonda was to be able to get them. You can read the post here.

Have you ever seen such lovely knitting, this hand towel is something to treasure. It was meant for the kitchen too but I love it in the bathroom!

My girlfriend came over just after I hung it up and started yelling at me through the door. “Karyn when did you learn to knit? And where did you find that pattern I just love it!”

I had to break down and tell her, I couldn’t take the credit for it.

As for the fabric, I don’t know what I will do with it yet, but I’m sure it will come to me one day soon.

This was such a fun and enjoyable swap. I met a new friend in Nanette and we e-mail back and forth quite often.

Nanette doesn’t have a blog yet but I bet one day she will, so I told her I would post pictures of what I sent her. Not just yet, Nannett I want to be sure you received your package first. No peeking…:)

I just can’t convey how much I love these, and how amazed I am that a friend clear on the other side of the earth could know, understand and appreciate what I love and value.


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  1. Thank you for posting the photos. What a blessing Nanette is! Great work Nanette. Little Daisy looks lovely with her doll. I’m sure she’ll have years of joy with it. It is clear to me that Daisy is a loved and cared for little girl now. You are making a real difference in her life. You are a fine example to all of us.

  2. How beautiful.
    You are a very lucky woman.

  3. I love the hot pads! Love the hand towel too- perhaps one day I can find the time to knit some up.

    Thanks for paying my blog a visit. I always enjoy my visit to yours. I can get lost in all your wonderful tips! 🙂

  4. Those are awesome swap gifts! And what a sweet kid. Another blogger I read (actually the younger sister of a friend from high school) talks alot about raising foster/adoptive kids with RAD (reactive attachment disorder). Your statement reminded me of her; her blog is “welcome to my brain” on my ‘blogs I read’ list. Just in case you were interested in a kindred spirit.

  5. That is very nice fabric. I love the sunbonnet girl. It remind me of a quilt my grandmother made me when I was a girl.

    Miss Daisy seems very happy. She is lucky to have found you!

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