Doing not thinking week 2

What a though week, it has been so rainy and dreary, not much energy this past week around here by any one in the house. My wonderful husband has been home and can’t sit still. Every  time I turn around he wants to go do one thing or another.

I have been on the run all week with appointments and when I get home I am so tired not much gets accomplished towards my crafting goals.

Monday– I worked on organizing the last of my supplies. Most fit in the the dresser very well.

Tuesday– I started sorting through all the patterns I have both in a file cabinet and PDFs on the computer. I started printing them out and putting them in the file cabinet.

Wednesday– I managed to finish up a felting project and get it off in the mail. This was a gift…just because…no special occasion.

Thursday-I do nothing, I had a hard time just getting the house picked up before going to bed.

Friday-I managed to get some material washed, dried and pressed for a lunch tote I need to make.

None of this helped with the selling goal, but I do feel ok with it as now I at least know where everything is and have given away a good deal of items I know I will never use.

How did you do?




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  1. I did okay. Mostly. At least I know I’m not going to start off with a bang only to fizzle out in a few weeks. 😉


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