A Good Weekend

springflowersI hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Mother’s Day. I know I did. Not a lot going on around here, everyone was so tired for some reason. I guess a week of rain and not much sun will do that.

I spent the entire day on Saturday doing some spring cleaning. I cleaned both bathrooms from top to bottom. I washed the windows inside and out and changed out the curtains in the living room. Taking down the heavy winter drapes always makes me feel good. The extra light coming into the room makes it feel like an entirely new space. I also put away most of the cozy throw blankets I like to keep out for cuddling up in. Out came the lighter crisp cotton sheets, and away went the winter flannel for another year.

This simple task transforms the mood of the house from winter to summer. While it springflowers1may seem simple and it is, it is always a bit of work. The winter drapes and flannel sheets got a good washing and hung on the line to dry. I take the extra time to iron them well and use nice floral water in a spray bottle. I also like to tuck crumpled sheets of tissue paper in the folds of the drapes to keep them from creasing so badly while being stored in the cedar chest for the season. My grandmother tought me to do this only she used old clothing patterns for tissue paper.

The recipe I use for floral ironing water is quite simple. I use an old spray bottle and fill it with 2/3rds full of distilled water, and 1/3rd of Witch Hazel to this I add several drops of lavender oil and shake well.

springflowers2The barn got a start on the spring cleaning as well. A good dusting while the horses were out. All the saddle blankets received a good shaking and airing out over the back fence. A thorough check of the first-aid supplies, fly spray, fire extinguishers, and mucking tools. I now have a good list of supplies to restock for the season. The snow shovels were washed off and given a good coating of vegetable oil and hung in the back of the barn for their summer rest. The sand buckets filled with new dry sand and also moved to the back of the barn. Out came the lawn chairs, fly strips and gardening tools that live in the barn. And lastly I carried up the bucket that stays in the cellar for the winter, full of shampoo, fly spray, and show sheene. This made me happy to think I wouldn’t need to carry this back and forth any more for a few months.

Sunday brought a rest, well sort of…the kitchen counters were full of recent projects and I took the time to get that all sorted out and put away. It’s always a good measure to see what has been going on with a quick look at the counters. 🙂

For Mother’s Day, my husband, Dick and my granddaughter, Daisy took a ride to springflowers3town in “Puppa’s Truck” and returned with the prettiest little plant and a card to celebrate the day. Son #2 wished me a happy Mother’s Day with a big hug and a kiss on his way out the door to work. Later in the day Son #1 called while on his lunch break. He was having a very hard day. Mother’s Day is always a hard day for him especially this year. This year marked the 5th anniversary of his accident and living with a brain injury. We had a good talk and I think he felt better when we hung up.

This week will bring more Dandelion roots and syrup, and probably the last of the Violets. I need to take a trip to the store after more jars. Boy, are the flying off the store shelves fast this year! Last week I stopped for some more 8oz. jelly jars and all they had were the 4oz left. The woman there told me they had sold over 12 dozen cases of them in one week. I guess I had better buy what I can when I see them or be stuck again without any. She also told me the seeds where flying out the door this year. This makes think there is indeed an urgency and everyone is becoming more aware of it. I’m glad to see some aren’t sitting back and doing nothing about it with the attitude that someone else will take care of them.

Also this week I need to figure out housing for the chicks, they are ready to move outside in another week or so.

What are your plans for the week?


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  1. I came across your blog today while looking for a homemade dishsoap recipe. My dishsoap is cooling as we speak! I have added your blog to my favorites as it is one of those places you visit that just make you feel good! Thanks so much for your willingness to share your ideas.


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