Java Chicken update

Mottled Java Chicks hatched, Easter morning 2009

Mottled Java Chicks hatched, Easter morning 2009

Three weeks ago I sent Superior Farms an e-mail…I finally received an e-mail reply this week from Superior Farms. I had asked the question when are the 12 Black Java chicks I ordered in January for delivery in April going to be shipped.

The answer was hopefully in the next few weeks. This was sort of a vague, worrysome answer to me.

I sent them a picture of my 2 chicks who are sprouting white and black feathers and asked them to id them for me. I have thought for some time now they were not Black Java, but Mottled Java. You can read about it here. I also asked if they would replace the 2 Mottled Java with Black Java when they sent my chick order.

They confirmed they are Mottled Java. Telling me sometimes while the hens scratch, their eggs roll under the boards into the Black Java pen. No answer if they will replace the chicks. I’m not sure how in the world of selling chickens and eggs what the policy would be on sending the wrong eggs. While I do have 2 chicks they are the wrong chicks…

I sent them another e-mail asking if they would replace the 2 chicks and if they could give me a better idea when the chick order will be shipped. For some reason I have a feeling I will never see the chick order this year. All of the other hatcheries are out of Black Java for the year. I checked with our local farm store and their next chick order will be in the end of June. They are unable to order Black Java but I could get New Hampshire Reds from them.

The local Tractor Supply has chicks, a mixed variety of unknown breeds. I’m going to pass on those chicks, I would like to know what I am getting.

A friend of mine is still offering hatching eggs from mixed breeds. These wouldn’t hatch until June if I went with that option, so I might as well order the breed I want and wait until they come in. Well not exactly the breed I want, I want Black Java, but NH Reds are great egg layers and do well here as they should. The breed was first bread here in NH from Rhode Island Reds who are descendants of the Java.

My chicks have been going out side every day in between the rain drops and I still bring them in a night. The heat lamp will be shut off this week, I think they will be fine now. They will continue to eat chick starter for another few weeks. They have discovered outside has lots of interesting things to eat, and seem to enjoy fresh clover the best right now.

Tonight I will take a flashlight and Daisy, my granddaughter, to show her the finer points in night crawler collecting, then give them to Stewie and Dumpling in the morning.

This week I will work on some temporary outside housing and fenced area for them

Stewie & Dumpling

Stewie & Dumpling

while I work on finalizing the plans for our chicken coop. Right now they are hanging out in an old dog cage outside. I put up a piece of plastic to cut down on the wind and give them some shade.

The weather over the next 3 or so weeks will warm up enough at night that they will be able to stay outside at night. I will need to purchase some fencing, my wonderful husband gave ours away. The Masonic Temple he belongs to needed fencing to secure an area where children were playing around a dug well. I have no problem with this and am happy to know the children will be safer. While this is not the type of fencing I would have used it will be better than nothing until they can raise the funds to complete the project for long term safety.

Aren’t they so cute and getting very big?


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