Independence Days-Week

Plant Something:

This week I purchased several of my favorite clay pots and planted in them sage, dill and rosemary.

Planted more lettuce, 3 varieties, radish, and spinach

Watched over the seedlings growing in the cellar for the garden in a few weeks.


Harvest Something:

Picked more wild violets for jelly

Picked more dandelions and have infusion ready for more jelly.

Picked dandelion green and fed to the chickens.

Nothing in the garden is ready.


Preserve Something:

Made another batch of violet jelly.

Made dandelion syrup


Reduce Waste:

No new plastic in the house this week.

I cut some saved yogurt containers to make plant markers.

Made plant markers from a broken clay pot.

This week I have a better handle on finding ways to reuse the left over coffee. I have done quite well with no leftovers.


Preparation and Storage:

This was not a shopping week for me so nothing new to the pantry or storage area. I did check all the expiration dates.

Added strike any where matches to my shopping list. These are hard to find around here.


Build Community Food Systems:

Nothing this week.


Eat the Food:

We are still eating mostly from last year’s preserves and cleaning out the freezer. We did have some of the WONDERFUL violet jelly on our morning toast.


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