A New Garden Space



This isn’t simply a pile of old bricks that has been laying around here forever, that every few years I pick them all up and move them one more time out of my way. Is this a useless pile of junk I should just get rid of?

Oh no it’s more than that, they are the past present and the future, the foundation of hopes and many dreams both in their former life as an old chimney and their future life as part of our garden. I can only dream what their life after that will be.

Every time I move them I imagine the life of the family that lived in the house where these bricks were part of their chimney. The laughter, joy, sorrow and heart break of those brave early settlers and homesteaders of 100 or so years ago. I feel the old crumbling mortar and the newer peeling green paint of the 50’s wonder and listen for the stories.

bricks1I imagine these settlers faced many of the same challenges we do today. Worrying about their family and how they were going to provide for them. Heat, food, clothing, education. Will they find work, will the garden do well, did they put in enough wood, and winter stores to keep them warm and their bellies full…

Well one thing leads to another and I got to thinking about my family’s future and what I could do. Most pressing right now is the getting the garden in and growing. Times for us are very uncertain and a bit scary too. I suddenly lost my well paying job as a care taker with no one to replace the older gentleman, no jobs in sight and our monthly bills still coming in as usual. I feel the sadness and empty space in our life the older gentleman has left, of our lost friend and house mate.

I sat down to finish thinking and I found my surrounding just outside the front door bricks2very depressing, cold feeling and rather like a sand pit with the bare ground, and cement wall, with ugly steps into the house.

Not at all like the cozy happy kitchen garden, front porch and sitting area with a nice white picket fence covered with roses I can see in my mind.

There is an obstacle in my way keeping me from working on this. I can’t put in any kind of permanent landscaping. There will be more digging and changing going on in this area some day. We need to still add the wrap around farmers porches and stone work and granite steps to the house, and level out the area a bit. They are on the list…

So I was sitting there now distracted the ugly area and though back to the bricks…

What do I have that I can make due with. Keep in mind we are not junk savers and scavenged “things” around here are non existent. If it isn’t going to be used SOON we don’t keep it or even bring it home.

new bedSome of these brick now have a new future, they are the foundation of a small raised growing bed for some of our lettuce, radishes and spinach. I built this quickly yesterday as temporary growing space. A few hours work and a bit of shoveling and wheeling the wheelbarrow made this small uplifting transformation. While I still would not call it beautiful, it’s better.

I decided I needed more growing, more green, so I took a quick run to the garden center and bought some of my favorite clay pots, sage, dillnew bed1 and rosemary. Instant green herbs growing in a temporary kitchen garden….well sort of… I picked up some spray paint and sand paper to repaint these great old chairs. Now if it would stop raining long enough to get them sanded and painted.

This bothersome pile of old bricks with their old mortar and peeling paint, have once again seen sadness but brought some joy, comfort. They reminded me of sturdiness and strength, these new bed4are truly useful and think of the stories they could tell.

Simple living is a journey and you never know where it leads but I do know it will always end in gained joy, strength, determination knowledge new bed2and comfort. Sometimes the tricky part is finding the right path…or in this case finding the right brick for the foundation and putting it to use, while it might not be perfect it gets better all the time.

new bed3


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  1. Once that bed is filled with beautiful textures of green it will be very pretty. I recently found an old metal chair like yours in the garbage and am looking forward to restoring it. There is an antiques shop nearby that has three of them on the porch painted very cheerfyu bright colors.

  2. lizzylanefarm

    This is so funny, that’s where these two came from, someone had dragged them to the side of the road for the dump man to pick up. I saw them on my way home one day and asked my husband to go back with the truck and pick them up. Mine too need to be repainted. I actually started sanding them yesterday but the bug drove me inside.

    I am looking forward to seeing some green in that bed. There are 3 types of lettuce, radish and spinach in there. The tiny rocks I put there so I could remember where one variety started and the other ended until they are big enough to tell by looking at them. I used pieces of a broken pot as markers with the variety written on it. I used a perm. marker, next time I will use chalk so I can change the writing and reuse the pot pieces….

    Good to hear from you, enjoy the day

  3. What a wonderful, beautiful new outdoor space for you! I can picture taking my morning tea right at that table, surrounded by pretty green and flowers. I love making do like this, too.

  4. lizzylanefarm

    Hi Lisa,

    The space is working very well & is much more pleasing now than it was. I’m glad I took the time to work on that spur-of-the-moment idea.


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