Independence Days-week 1

Dandelion roots

Dandelion roots

I have joined another challenge this year, the Independence Day Challenge. Well actually I followed along informally last year but found it was hard to keep track of my progress because I didn’t write it down.

It is a good motivator and fun to see what everyone else is doing. There are some great ideas!

So here goes week one:


Plant Something:

I am giving lettuce a try in pots, because the garden isn’t ready for planting yet. I also planted a few more radishes.


Harvest Something:

This has all been wild harvested this week. First was wild violets to make jelly. I’ll post about this when I get a chance. Think micro violets.

Then came the Dandelion roots for tea. You can read about this here. This is something I will be doing more of this spring and again in the fall.

I had a helper my little Daisy and we picked about 4 cups of Dandelion flowers and have started the infusion to make jelly with it. I will post about this too when I get a chance.


Preserve Something:

Dandelion roots and the wild violet jelly.

Froze a loaf of  Chocolate Zucchini bread.


Reduce Waste:

Continued to reuse the never ending plastic bags that come into the house. I don’t invite them and even turn them away by using and bringing my own bags. Last week brought 8 new zip top bag, the good part is they were full of shredded Zuchinni I traded with a friend. Also another zip top bag gallon size that my husband brought home full of homemade donuts, for me. How can I complain over that one. They were very good.

We dropped of 2 broken screens at the hardware store to be repaired. That cat Avery tore last summer to make his own private entrance into the house. (Avery is now happily living with Son #1)

We “peddled” some more free horse poop over the weekend and are going to use quite a bit in our own garden.

My friends and family are saving their bread bags for me. I’m going to start a project to use them in making rugs. Yes rugs, not for the house but for the barn. I thought they would be water resistant and help scrub off our feet and maybe cut back on the cleaning in there twice each day. In the very least I might be the only barn around with throw rugs on the floor, let’s see would curtains work in there?

Preparation and Storage:

Well about the only thing was to try and clear up a recipe I have that was my grandmothers for making Piccalilli. I received some wonderful help with this and now I need to find out where to buy White Pepper Corns.

We made progress on the raised veggie garden over the weekend. The landscape timbers for it are on the ground waiting for the next move. The compost and manure have been tossed together and in a nice big pile waiting to be added.

The local grocery had 1# boxes of baking soda on clearance this past week for $.10 a box. Guess you know I bought everyone of them…28 boxes. The store is in the process of remodeling and have had many great unadvertised sales like that. My problem is I only go to the store once a week.

Build Community Food Systems:

I’m working on this one. It’s going to be a bit of a challenge all year for me. Seems our local food pantry is pretty picky about what they will accept. Fresh veggies and homemade preserves-NO WAY- they told me something about state regulations not allowing it because of safety reasons….They only want the store bought expensive stuff. Must be nice to be so picky. There is another one in a town over but I wanted my efforts to be in town, our town.

I did mention to my niece about the wild violet jelly and she was very interested in the idea. My sister just told me “oh’ gross, you eat the strangest things!” Keep in mind her basic food is junk food always has and probably always will be.

Eat the Food:

We are still eating mostly from last year’s preserves and cleaning out the freezer. We did have some of the WONDERFUL violet jelly on our morning toast.

Lets see how this week goes…


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  1. It’s funny how like minds run in the same pack, even online. I followed you here from down to earth and found that you are also participating in Sharons Independence Day Challenge too!
    I really am looking forward to reading about your harvest and processing of dandelion roots and the jelly too. I didn’t know you could make jelly out of this until reading it here.
    The violet jelly looks wonderful!

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