Doing Not Thinking-Week 1

My goals for the challenge

Goal #1:To work on and complete at least one item for my craft business.  This is vague at best. The goal is to work on at least one item every day. Get some of the current projects finished and yes, sold.

Goal #2:To find new resources to sell craft/baked items. This is always a tricky one but not a new challenge. I just need to be creative here too…


Well this already has turned into quite a challenge for me. My schedule is swamped with so many things to finish up in the next couple of weeks. The garden is a big one on my mind. As is the debate over purchasing a meat pig this season.

Monday– I put my thoughts together and came up with a long range plan and goal to increase my crafting sales. This is going to depend on being able to get into several local craft fairs on such short notice. Any one that does craft fairs know they book up full way before the fair ever starts.

Short range is to actively use the Etsy site. This is where currently I have shop set up, Lizzy Lane Farm Country Store.

Tuesday-I started organizing all of my supplies on hand, and making a list of things/tools I will need in the near future. I also started cleaning out an old dresser not being used for anything important and started putting fabric and wool into the drawers.

Wednesday– I was so busy I only thought.

Thursday– Brought more items being put into the dresser. And I started thinking how I want to organize my sewing patterns.

Friday-I’m getting closer, most every thing that will fit is in the dresser. Now to find easy storage for the bigger items.

 Saturday-Was way to busy to think about crafting during the day and when night came I was way to tired.

Sunday– I rested and admired my work so far. Well craft wise any how. I still worked on the garden ideas.

water-bottleSo you can see I never did actually work on making anything. Well other than this quick cooler for my water bottle. I used fabric and batting left over from the kitchen towel and pot holder swap over at Rhonda Jean’s Down To Earth.

I didn’t have a pattern and didn’t exactly know what I wanted so I made it up as I went along. I cut fabric, and Insul-bright to fit the bottle.

I do not have an actual craft room like so may have. I don’t even have a corner. So every time I want to craft I must drag everything out, set it all up, then when done put it all away. This is very damaging to my creative side.

I need to come up with a solution to this problem. In the past I tried setting up a small table in the corner of the cellar and before to long I found things moving into my space (oh, I’ll just set that bottle of motor oil here for a second while I find a clean rag… Thanks dear husband for putting the oil on my cutting mat and thank you so very much for borrowing the fabric that is all cut for the bag I’m working on).

… and things moving out of my space and not returning (scissors for a project, thanks very much son #2 for using my $30 fabric scissors to cut wire for your RC car, I sure hope it is working better now)

You all know what I mean, and dream for. So for now I have baskets for every project I am working on and a tool basket that holds my scissors, pin and what nots. This is working some what but I find it hard to find good homes for all these baskets out of my 3 year old granddaughter’s reach. Especially the basket with the scissors, I think she is going to be a hair dresser when she grows up. She loves to cut her own hair. She will go to great lengths to reach the scissors when no one is looking.


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  1. Sometimes, the getting organized to craft is the biggest part of it all, I think.

    For the record – I do have a dedicated sewing room and things still walk in and walk out a lot. I don’t imagine any lived-in home can be completely free of some of that activity. If you can carve out a space, I think its most helpful, but still doesn’t mean its ideal.

    I remember our first apartment together was less than 400 sq ft. Each night before dinner, I would take the sewing machine off the table and put it under the table. After dinner, back onto the table it came. It wasn’t ideal and I always hated how it looked messy – but it worked. Good luck and I can’t wait to follow your progress!

  2. Mitchell Webster

    I don’t guess that you would have room for an Entertainment Center like is used for stereo and TV, I saw in several magazines where they converted them into Crafting Centers, and the only thing they did was add a hinged plywood panel to the front where the doors open up and then opened up the table coming out from the entertainment center, to then the Sewing Machine, would set where the TV went, and there was room to put a nice fluourescent light inside the cabinet and you had drawers and doors for all the other stuff.

    Just a thought.


  3. The scizzors thing drives me nuts! I wrote in permanent marker on mine FABRIC ONLY on both sides of the handles. Hellfire and Brimstone come down when anyone even reaches their hand for my fabric scizzors. We have lots of other scizzors in the junk drawer though.

  4. lizzylanefarm

    Hi Cheryl,
    I know exactly what you mean and great minds think alike. I actually taped a piece of paper, sort of like a tag around mine that says the same thing.


  5. lizzylanefarm


    I remember those days too.


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