Using Coffee

Any one who has ever been here for a visit knows there is always a pot of coffee on and ready. Well those were the days. Lately my husband has switched back to herbal tea, coffee is upsetting his stomach and our older gentleman who drank coffee all day long isn’t here. This leaves me…

I out of habit I make a full pot every morning and at noon have half of it left. What to do with all this coffee, I hate to toss it out. Some would say, now, Karyn quit being a dumb dumb and only make half a pot…Yes that is the simple solution but what to do until I can change the years old habit, especially when it’s 4:30 in the morning and I’m not thinking just making coffee….But I’m getting better at it.

Now there is only so much iced coffee any one persons wants or should drink daily. So here are a couple of ideas I have come up with.

I freeze the coffee in ice cube trays and store in bags. These I add to the iced coffee and it doesn’t water the coffee down.

I do save the leftover for iced coffee too and makes nice frosting.


Coffee Syrup 

Coffee syrup may be a regional thing, I’m not sure but I haven’t ever seen it down south or out west. Coffee syrup is good to mix with milk, make milk shakes, and add on top of ice cream.

Here is how I made some the other day that was quite good on top of my vanilla ice cream.

I had a half a pot of cold coffee, I heated it up and boiled it until about half of it had evaporated.

This left me 2 cups of coffee, to this I added 1 cup of sugar and boiled it some more to make a syrup. I put it in a bottle and stored in the fridge. Quite good, and nice and strong.

I am also going to try using some of this in my baking next time I make chocolate cookies.


The weekend was a busy one for us. We purchased some landscaping timbers and started to put in the raised veggie garden bed. We will need to cut a couple of trees and push back a stone wall before we can go any further. We decided to move it closer to the barn, we were going to put it near the house, but decided since the barn has outside water it would be easier. The house doesn’t have outside water hooked up yet. I use a watering can to water the flower beds and make several dozen trips each time.

I also have had the idea of hooking up a rain barrel and collecting the run off from the barn roof. I first thought about it a couple of years ago. But not for watering the garden but to wash the horses. A bit of warm water would be very nice. This will be quite easy to do, but will have to be put up in a way that is easy to take down in the fall. The snow sliding off the roof in the winter would break the gutters the very first time. The water barrels will also have to be emptied because they would freeze solid and break. A new blog I found recently, and interestingly enough they live very close by, has just hooked up a summer veggie washing sink in their barn. A NICE washing sink, using much the same method I would like to use. Stop by Maggie May Farm and have a look.

I will need to go back and change all that nice planning I did over the winter on how I was going to plant the garden. I had thought we would make several small beds close to the house. This changed to one that is about 10′ x 20′. I also decided to move some flowers out of a bed beside the barn I already have and put the tomatoes there. It’s always fun digging in there, I always find some treasure in the dirt. Pieces of broken pottery what looks like an old pickle crock were discovered recently. The winter frost must have pushed them to the top.

A nice guy came and took about half our poop pile, that’s about 12 yards total. He is stock piling it for some reason. To me it doesn’t matter, the pile is going down! I’m glad he can use it, it really is quite nicely composted. If any one is close by and interested, come on over and get some.

stewie-and-dumplingAnd the 2 baby chicks Stewie and Dumpling spend their days outside in a temporary cage. They have discovered that clover is quite tasty, and it’s fun to have a dust bath. It amazes me that these little chicks learn these things without a mumma to show them. They are getting bigger every day and enjoy riding around in my jacket pocket.

Have a wonderful day and I hope you spent your weekend doing something you enjoyed.



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  1. Oh how I WISH I could have some of your “poop” pile….

    but I suspect it isn’t really do-able….

  2. Those birds are very cute!

  3. Mitchell Webster


    We usually take the coffee in the morning that is left over and pour it into a canning jar and put the lid on and set it in the fridge, then take it out later in the afternoon and heat in the microwave. It tastes better that way and has not oxidized as much, I love coffee in the afternoon and can even drink it at night before I go to bed, no problem with sleep, however if I were to drink a coke I would be up all night ….go figure!!!

    Ps. BTW, do you save your coffee grounds for the compost pile?? They are excellent for the soil, and helps increase earthworm activity!!


  4. lizzylanefarm

    Hi M,
    Yes I love reheated coffee! It is even stronger but not bitter. I used to love eating those candied violets! The aren’t all that hard to do, whip up some egg whites until a bit frothy and dip the violets in the egg whites. Let the drips drip off and gently set in a wide bowl with fine white sugar, gently cover the entire blossom with sugar and set to dry. You are right, my grandmother would store them in tins too. She had to hide them or my sisters and I would get into the tins and eat them all.

    I do save coffee grounds for the compost pile and I also put the as is around the roses. I also send the paper coffee filters to the compost pile. I have one of those metal filters but don’t like it as well as the paper. It would be better to not use them. What I really would like is to find one of the old stove top coffee pots with the glass know so you can see the coffee bubbling. That is much better coffee and no filters. 🙂

    One of those entertainment things would be so nice. I haven’t room for one unless it takes the place of something else…The TV would be a good choice for me but everyone else would have a fit. I am thinking I will try and set up a corner in the cellar again and see how that goes. I was thinking I would set up a table and stack some wooden boxes on their sides across the back of the table to make sort of a “wall” and some storage. Maybe a bit out of sight would be better.

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