This Just Ticks Me Off!

I was talking about GMOs just the other day here. I find it a huge waste of money and here are a few good examples.

From BBC News– European scientists genetically modifying corn to supply vitamin A and beta carotene. They’ve turned corn orange! They added “metal” to it’s DNA structure!

The article claims the extra vitamins the GM corn will produce, will help the developing world families who need the extra vitamins for their health. Well , now, so your heart may be in the right place, but isn’t there a more natural, practical solution here? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to supply these countries with bottles of multi vitamins, or provide them with a variety of wholesome foods to grow? No I guess not they would rather spend millions it’s probably cost in bastardizing natural food? Yes, this is a light hearted solution but I’m sure you get the point. What if the folks eating the corn start to glow in the dark?

Check out the article here: GM Corn


Where are the animal rights people!

Speaking of glowing in the dark. A Beagle that glows in the dark, NO I’m not kidding! Read about it…. Why on earth would we NEED an animal to glow in the dark?  There isn’t even a practical reason for this one.

Why didn’t they just feed the corn to the beagle and save some money.


And this one where one of my favorite shows makes light of GM food….Oh’ Mr. Monk you disappoint me,…I thought you of all people would be worried about what you eat.. I wonder how much Monticello paid for that…

Read part of the dialog here.


OK,OK, that’s enough for now…


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  1. oka,y I can see a reason for the glow in the dark beagle. WE have neighbors that have beagles. They often get out and spend the night in the woods so if we could find them in the dark the animal control officer could finally give them a good home:)

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