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There are no great photos of any of my tattoos or piercings. I don’t have any. Well I do have my ears pierced. My mother made us wait until we were 14. To be honest I wear the same 2 pair of earring all the time, simple small gold balls or small silver hoops.

While I think some tattoos are nice looking most of them I do not like. I know today everyone has them, they seem to be the latest fashion for both men and women. I don’t think I ever will have one. How would I ever decide on something I would have on me for the rest of my life? Likes, dislikes and styles are always changing.

Both of my boys have tattoos on their arm and even my niece has 2, I secretly hope they don’t ever get more and that my granddaughter never gets one. My oldest son has his tongue pierced and his nose. This I have gotten used to, he wears a small clear ring and unless I am really looking I don’t notice them anymore.

How about you? Would you answer the question for me if you have a tattoo? How did you decide what you wanted and are you still happy with it?


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  1. No tattoos or other-than-ears pierced here. No interest either. In fact, since having babies the last decade, I don’t even bother with earrings. Little fingers seem to grab them. I’m not even sure the holes are open anymore!

    So you aren’t the only one. There are lots of other things I’d rather spend my money on besides tattoos and jewelry.

  2. I’m happy to ‘fess up……..I have a tat! I’d talked about it for ages, and always said I’d get one done on my 50th birthday, if I was still keen.

    Well I was, and so a friend gave it to me as her gift. She had one…her 2nd…done at the same time.

    I knew exactly what I wanted…..I had “seen” a picture when I was meditating, the same thing, many times, so that’s what I chose. It’s a lotus flower, with a tiny Om symbol floating out of the heart of the flower, and it’s in soft pinks and golds. I have it on the inside of my left ankle, it’s not very big. about an inch all round.

    I never tire of looking at it, I love it, and it has special meaning for me. I don’t want any more, but I did like the experience of the actual needling. I had my ears pierced years ago, but haven’t worn earrings now for maybe 20 years.

    My daughter has a tat, pierced ears, and a stud in her nose, she wears a tiny diamond, which I think looks good.

  3. ……forgot to say, Karyn, your swap surprises are on their way 🙂 My camera’s not working, so would you mind taking pics for me when it all arrives…….thanks.

    Here’s a little hint for you……..Rhonda posted about something a few days ago that is just like what I’ve sent!!!

  4. Oh Nanette,

    That’s nice to hear you found a tattoo that is important to you. Everyone tells me that they are so addictive and they always want more. My niece talks about it all the time. I just give her the “Auntie look”, she is such a beautiful girl she doesn’t need them all over her.

    Rhonda has so much good stuff on her site, I’ll have to stop over and have another look around….

    Have a wonderful day

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