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Some times around here I start so many projects that I feel like I don’t get any thing done. This mostly happens when I become slack on writing my lists and staying organized. An organized home is more efficient and running a farm takes planning. Although I enjoy flying by the seat of my pants some times but know this is what happens, projects left started and undone.

So far this week I managed to cross of quite a few projects…

meatloafI made the meat loaf my husband has been teasing for since I got back from vacation. Me, I hate the stuff and don’t usually eat all that much meat. To make him happy- tonight’s supper was just for him… meat loaf, mashed potatoes and carrots. Everything I needed came from the pantry. I had to stop and make bread crumbs first.

To make bread crumbs I save all my left over bread and freeze it in a bag until I have enough save or run out. Don’t save stale bread, this makes stale bread crumbs. They are simple to make, place them on a baking sheet and toast them in the oven at 350f until brown and all moisture is gone. Next I toss into the blender and blend to the size crumbs I want. I store them in a glass jar in the fridge. If I end up will huge amounts I refreeze them. Now wasn’t that easy, I told you it would be. The good part is I don’t have to spend money on bread crumbs, I use up the ends no one seems to want so nothing goes to waste.bead-crumbs

While the oven was on I made Ranch Crackers for his lunch to take to work. He likes them and they are very cost effective compared to some of the snack crackers on the grocery shelves.



ranch-crackersRanch Crackers

1 bag small oyster crackers

1/2 C olive oil

1 package or 3 Tbl. dry Ranch dressing Mix

1 tsp. dill weed, dried and chopped

1/4 tsp. garlic powder

1/4 tsp. onion powder

Mix everything together except the crackers in a large bowl, gently fold in the cracker to cover. Pour onto a baking sheet and bake at 220f for 20 minutes, or until brown. About half way through I gently turn them over to brown on both sides. Let cool and store in air tight container.

I finished up my pot holders and dish towel for the swap over at Down-To-Earth. Nanette your package is headed to the post office in the morning. I ran out of time today to do it. This was a very fun project for me, I met a new friend and learned a new sewing skill. How to sew bias tape on in a circle. (Hey that just gave you a hint Nanette! :)…)

mustard-jarI have this cute little mustard jar I found while on vacation. Can you believe it was only $.50, at a thrift store we stopped at. My sister took me there, the place is bigger than any thrift shop I have ever seen. We were there for 3 hours looking around, laughing and joking. Now to figure out what to do with it. I know it is supposed to have one of those red rubber canning jar rings to seal it thigh. I have some somewhere…. What would you do with it? Any ideas?

The chicks are growing every day. They are getting used to me and will now come when they hear me. My youngest son helped me name them. I don’t know if they are girl or boy yet but one is Stewie and the other dumpling, as in chicken stew and dumplings… yum! Hey now, they are headed there eventually, every thing has a purpose here.

My granddaughter needs a new lunch bag for preschool. Any one care to share any instructions for making an insulated one out of fabric with a zipper and handles? I’ve been looking on line with no luck finding anything interesting.

I started my pepper and cucumber seeds today. The tomatoes now have their first set of leaves and are doing well. I have 2 full flats with 4 varieties. I don’t intend to grow them all, I expect some not to make it and the rest I plan on trading for other seedling with a friend.

I washed out some 5 gallon pails I brought home from my friends MOUNTAIN of pails. He buys oil in them for his skidder and other tree cutting machines. There are A LOT of pails there…I plan on planting the tomatoes in them. They are all either dark red or black and I have grown tomatoes with good luck in the for several years in the past. Once I can get the covers off they are pretty easy to clean. I use old newspapers and vinegar mixed with water. The dirty newspapers then are brought across the street and my neighbor uses them to start his outside wood burning heating stove. The stove has some sort of filter, smoke cleaning attachment on it. It’s made to also burn used motor oil.

I found in my stash some fabric to make my granddaughter some spring skirts. She had some last year and loved them. It’s simple, I use the full width of the fabric 45″ as the top, sew a pocket for some elastic and hem the bottom.

salveAnd lastly I made some more salve for my granddaughter and to add back into our first-aid kits. The recipe for it is here….I love this stuff and haven’t bought any ointments since I started making it last summer.

Hope you all had a good and productive day.




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  1. A hint??….let me think, could it be something *round* ? 🙂
    Can’t wait to see your wonderful swap gifts to me….it’s been good fun hasn’t it?

    I might not get yours in the mail till Monday *hangs head in shame*. I have just the tiniest bit of hand finishing to do, but just haven’t got to it. Have had a couple of days of not being well, a busy day yesterday with visitors, band a friend building me a fence, so was running in and out, being a good hostess, and answering questions about the fence. Off to physio today, that usually leaves me feeling exhausted, so not sure if I’ll feel like picking up a needle when I get home.

    And everything will be shut tomorrow for our Anzac Day, so it does look like Monday….so sorry Karyn, I was buzzing along really well and even thought for a while I’d be finished much sooner.

    Ah well, that’s life 🙂

    I’m enjoying reading your posts as the pace picks up for you with spring coming in full tilt. Although I’m planting here, and some new growth, there’s still the feeling of closing down, the days getting shorter and cool mornings and nights. Lovely!



  2. Hello my friend,

    No need to fret over something so silly as a deadline! Esp. This deadline…I just love the sound as they wizz by don’t you 🙂 Hint yes it could be round and daffie yellow too…
    Fall sounds to lovely and from what I see on the Aussie blogs very beautiful. Strange to think fall with palm trees, I think red maple…

    Will potatoes grow over winter for you? I brought home some of the fingerling potatoes this week for the grill. They at least look good haven’t tried them yet.

    Have a wonderful happy fall day.

    Your friend,

  3. I love the salve idea, Karyn. It is just what I’ve been planning to make! Thanks for the reminder. My comfrey is growing like crazy right now too!!

    Oh, and comfrey is easy to grow….invasive even. I’ve started it from seed and purchased the Russian variety in plants. When I’m feeling a bit more peppy, I can dig you some. Calendula isn’t hard either. I’ve got seeds in fact. Want some? Drop me an email with your address.

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