java Chicks not Black but Mottled

My Java Chicks

My "Black Java" chicks

It was a very interesting and some what dissapointing afternoon for me yesterday. I have been talking to a friend who has raised chickens his entire life. He is now 70 something. I was telling him about the eggs incubating and having two of the Black Java eggs hatch and how I am having so much fun with them.

What a nice surpirse when he stopped in to see the Easter babies I had been telling him about. He took one look at them and informed me those were no way on earth, Black Java chicks. What?! I felt like he had just called my first born ugly…. He said maybe they are mottled Java but definately NOT BLACK JAVA.

Sure enough, I ran to the computer to look up a photo of a Black Java chick. The chicks I see are black and look nothing like my chicks.


Black Java Chicks from the

Black Java Chicks from the

Mottled Chick Picture from

Mottled Chick Picture from


Black Java Picture from

Black Java Picture from

Java Chicks Picture from

Java Chicks Picture from



In looking for more pictures of Mottled Java, I’m not even sure the chicks I have are even Java chicks.

I’ll let you know how this turns out. But please any one who has been following my Java quest, the chicks I have are NOT Black Java.




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  1. Hey there!
    I have black javas-i think what you hatching might be ancona’s -which is what thought I was getting instead of black java’s!!
    kinda funy eh?

    Bridget in MN

  2. Hi Bridget,

    That is funny. I hope yours are Black Java! I was thinking they might be Anconas too…I’ll keep posting pictures as they grow. Have you posted pictures of your chicks? Or could you email pictures of your chicks please….

    Have a great day and fun playing with your chicks.


  3. Those are definitely mottled javas. I raise them. Great independent little birds.

  4. Thank you for interesting information.

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