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I just recently at the young age of 43 got my first written warning for speeding. I know not an accomplishment most look forward to…

I was headed to a meeting in town and noticed a flashing speed sign that tells you how fast you are going. The 3 cars infront of me it flashed, 30,31,33 and the BIG truck not more than 2 car legnths in front of me it flashed 31. When I went by it flashed 31.

They pulled me over and asked why I was doing 41….What?! How is that possible and told him what I saw. He took my licence and registration. When he returned he handed me a pink paper and told me “to pay attention, I wouldn’t want to ruin my perfect driving record.” Oh’ well thanks, buddy…for the tip…

The funny part about this to me is that the roads right now are so full of pot holes and frost heaves, I couldn’t speed down that road if I wanted to. Not to mention there were 3 cars and a truck in front of me.

I brought this home and told my husband who almost fell off his chair laughing at me. Saying some thing very hard to understand between his fits of laughter about me being the world’s slowest, nervous, and fret-full driver….ha, ha, ha….snort….tehhheee!

It’s true I do take driving seriously. I will drive but don’t really like to. If someone else is with me they can do the driving. I won’t drive if there is even 1 snowflake in the air. I don’t like to drive far after dark. I don’t like to drive in the city and I always park in the very back last parking spot in the parking lot. I do this to stay away from the other cars and I like the walk.

I’m the driver who does exactly the speed limit and maybe 5 mph over, will actually stop at the stop signs and always use my directional lights. I have never been in an accident while I was driving.

I’m not a very good passenger either, so I have been told.

I only have been stopped one other time, that was way back in college. I was taking a night course in a town about 40 miles from here and was on my way home at about 11pm. I think he was just checking to see why I was out so late. He just told me to drive safe and have a good night.

So there you have it, I have a written warning for speeding…


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