Things are picking up around here


A lot has been going on this week, the Java chicks are growing so fast. Can you see their new wing feathers? My niece took her 2 White Crested Black Polish home to keep her company so it only leaves the 2 Java here for me to play with.

A few of the spring flowers have popped up and are ready to bloom. The purple ones in the picture are a gift from my city neighbor last year. She didn’t know what they were other than some sort of spring bulb. What I nice surprise to see these spring iris, just inches tall. I’m curious as to why I didn’t find any of the 100 or so crocus I planted a few years back.

mud covered halters

mud covered halters

The horses continue to shed and not look so shaggy, they are at the moment huge mud balls. I brush them down each night when I put them in the barn and first thing they do is roll again in the morning. It must feel so good to them, when they stand up they shake sending mud, loose hair and dust in every direction.

A friend of mine traded me 6 bags of shredded frozen zucchini yesterday for some extra dried cranberries I had. This will make some nice bread and muffins. He gave me a tour of his cold frames and boy there are some nice plants in there. We talked about trading a few varieties when the plants are a bit older. He has a great garden every year. And when you hear people talk about edible landscapes, this is one to see. Most of his front yard and side yard is dedicated to veggies and herbs. He tore out the shrubs and most of the flowers years ago when he realized the economy was headed down hill. He warned about it 5 years ago and told me to get a move on…I just hate it when he is right and I don’t listen. He is still predicting another 4-5 years before things pick up.

Me I’m not so sure about that. We were down to the “city” at the beginning of the week to run some errands and stopped into the Peterbuilt garage. My husband had driven trucks his entire life. While we don’t own one any more he still likes to look and visit with the “guys”. Their lot of new and used tractors for the past couple of years has been mostly empty. Right now it’s mostly full. This is encouraging, if any industry knows what is to come is the trucking, construction industry. And by the looks of their yard they expect to be selling a few $100,000+ trucks this spring and summer.

The jobs in the paper are still non exhistant, but my husband went back to work for the summer today. They have several paving jobs all ready to go and seem to think this year will be better than last year. Lets hope.

It doesn’t look like I will have a new roommate/companion any time soon to fill the empty bedroom our older gentleman used. While the agency has folks who need homes there aren’t any that would fit into our family. I am also looking into some foster children. Not just any foster children, these are “special” hand picked problem kids who need a family. They have been in and out of foster homes most of their lives and the system hasn’t treated them well. They need special families to care for them. I have an interview next week to decide if this is something I can handle or want to deal with. I won’t meet any of the kids until that decision is made first. This is a huge responsibility for our entire family and we all need to agree and commit to sharing our home with these special kids.

breadI have stepped up my weekly baking to add a bit of extra income to the house. I slacked off over the winter a bit with my schedule to busy. I have been letting everyone know I again have time for this. And I also need to step up my crafting for the Etsy site to increase sales there. We poked through the storage shed this week and found a few things that can be listed on Craig’s list for sale.

We took another look at our goals for the year and decided not to purchase the worm farm right now. We didn’t want to spend money on this just now. I did find some plans on line to build worm farms out of plastic storage bins. I just happen to have several in the shed I could empty out and use. I still am going to order the worms because they will be free plus the shipping with a coupon I have through one of the gardening magazines I receive this spring. I’m not a huge fan of the company due to their seed practices. While this will in a small way support this company it’s not really helping them as their coupon equals what the worms cost. I just pay the shipping, something I would have to do no matter where I ordered them. It was a tough decision because I refuse most of the time to support companies I don’t agree with, no matter the level of support.

I spent the afternoon yesterday working on the flower garden beds. I added a nice layer about 6″of composted manure, then a layer of shredded paper and topped it off with new bark mulch. They will be all set for the season before I know it. I have said before my gardens are low maintenance, I leave last falls leaves on the garden and just keep adding to them.

I will work on building a new compost bin this coming week. My old one has mostly rotted to the ground. I didn’t use anything but plain old lumber for the last ones.

Hope you all are busy in your own way getting ready for the nice weather and growing season.



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  1. Hi Karyn

    Love your spring photos, that horse is gorgeous. Hope you don’t mind, I’ve sent my daughter the link to this post, my youngest 2 g/daughters are horse mad at the moment, they’ll love that funny face.

    My veggie plantings are on hold, I have a bush turkey who’s decided she likes living with my chooks…who wouldn’t, all that good organic grain, the occasional dish of porridge, well composted garden beds full of worms and bugs and no need to work hard at all for a feed!! Trouble is, as soon as I plant out seedlings, she digs them up….just yesterday all my carefully nurtured organic okra!! She’s lucky I don’t eat meat!!

    So I’m waiting for a friend to come and help trap her, he’ll take her back to their bush blco whee she can be a real turkey.

    Time’s closing in for our swap, so could you please email me your address….I’m nearly finished, so hope to be ready to post by the due date.

    Enjoy spring.

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