Java Chicks

Look what was hatching Easter morning! My Black Java Chicks. Well 2 of them any way…

I ordered 12 Black Java and 12 White Crested Black Polish eggs to incubate and out of them all only 2 of each hatched.

Not great but better than I expected. I have been told that shipping hatching eggs had a very low hatching rate.

Black Java Chick just poking it's way into the world

Black Java Chick just poking it's way into the world

White Crested Black Polish Bantum-Our first one born
Black Java Chick

Java Chicks?

 All 4 are doing well and are so very cute


Note 4/19/2009

I have been informed that these chicks are NOT Black Java, maybe Mottled Java. See my post here about it.


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  1. Yay! for Easter ( ish) chicks

  2. How absolutely awesome is that?!!

  3. How fun – Easter chicks! (And noone but you cares that they aren’t Black Java – they’re still sweet!) One Easter I went out to the barn to pick eggs because I didn’t have enough for the Challah bread I was making. I reached under and found chicks instead of eggs!

  4. Hi Maggie,
    I sure am enjoying the chicks. They have started growing their tail feathers and getting bigger by the day. They are very sweet and seem to be very calm and trusting.

    You are right it doesn’t matter if the chicks are Java or not, at least for the moment. I have been hunting for Black Java for quite some time now. This is the breed, endangered breed, I want to raise here on our farm. I also know from extensive research on the net, reading books, talking to everyone that knows anything about them, writing letters and searching ag historical documents. There are MANY folks looking and interested in the future of the Java breed. I simply didn’t want to misinform anyone who might be on their own quest for these elusive, heritage birds.

    I had a great time reading your blog this afternoon with my cup of tea. So much to look at. The garden looks like it will be very nice this year. Glad to hear you enlarged it this year. I think that’s a great idea.

    🙂 Karyn

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