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Way back when I was 16 or so, my father gave me my first jackknife. He told me to keep it in my pocket because I never knew when I would need it. I think he was sad to never have had a son to teach about pocket knives. He gave my sisters one too. I don’t think they use theirs.

Well I listened to him and to this day I still carry the same jackknife in my pocket. Believe it or not I do use it several times a day. I cut bailing twine, pull slivers, turn screws, and who knows what else I do with it. I think at this point I would be lost without it. I also carry a tube of Burt’s Bees.

My “girl” friends think this very odd and always tease me about it. I smile and tell them I think it odd they carry makeup and 100 other things in their purse every where they go. I have a “purse” actually it’s more like a wallet with a strap to carry cash and my id. That’s it, nothing huge or fancy. On day trips I will pack up my backpack with my first aid kit and an extra jacket and maybe a snack or two.


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  1. I think your Dad taught you to be very prudent. I should do the same thing! I wonder where my old girl scout pocket knife is. Hmmm.

    And I’m with you. No purse here. I carry just what you describe. No time for make up anyway. Hubby prefers me without it. Isn’t he sweet?!

  2. My parents gave me a rather fancy Swiss Army Knife as a college graduation present. I carry it with me in my briefcase and its always with me when I’m working in the garden, just in case… I think its wise, much better than having to stop and look for something when you’re in the middle of a project.

  3. Hi Kathie,

    Handy aren’t they…mine is just a single small blade but I like it just the same.

    Glad to hear you snow is melting a bit.


  4. Hi Kristin,

    Hunt that knife down, you will appreciate it when it’s handy. You might be like me and get a few funny looks when I pull it out in the grocery store to pry off a stuck on coupon though. Why do they stick on those peel here coupons with super glue if they want you to peel them off?

    Yes that is sweet of him to tell you he likes you just the way you were ment to be, with no makeup. 🙂 Mine doesn’t have a choice, I have never even owned one container any kind of make up. I laugh the Avon lady is always stopping to give me books, NEVER anything in there….She won’t make a living with me on her sales list.

    Think spring and chicks!!

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