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  1. Wow,

    I had not been to your home page for a while I did not realize that you had all these beautiful pictures on the Home Page, the roses are just babulous, I hope that I can give my basket and chair caning blog a spark of color like you do.

    I see Paul Neyron, that has to be a David Austin!!!!

    I will have to ask you about tags also, but I have emailed you about those things.


  2. Hi M,

    We sure will work through the steps to get yours even better looking 🙂

    Paul Neyron I can’t remember if it’s an Austin or not but it is an antique rose and smells even better than it looks. The color is just beautiful every year.
    I’ll look around but I think mine came from Antique Rose Emporium about 4 years ago.
    This year one of my goals is to try and root some of these. I tried the way my grandmother used to do it but never had any luck. She simply would snap off a cane about 4 leaf sets below a spent bloom and push it into the ground next to the bush she took the cane off from and walk away from it. By the end of summer the little cane would have new growth on it. I have seen instructions on rooting canes on the internet but haven’t really read much about it or even tried it.

    I sent a few canes down to GA to my father a couple of years ago and he tried to root them in a baggie with some type of soil. 1 rooted for him but I don’t remember his exact method…The bush is doing well way down south and has quite an accent now 🙂

    I’ll talk with you soon.


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