A week of Highs and Lows

This has been a very exhausing busy week for me both physically and emotionally. I can’t seem to get my head straight to even cook a good meal for my family.

It all started with a horrifying day on Wed. with the older gentleman who lives with us. I can’t go into any detail for his right to privacy. LONG LONG story short and 2 doctor visits later, he is in the ICU at our local hospital, clinging to life….My heart is breaking and I can’t stop thinking about it. This wasn’t something any one saw coming and I find myself thinking over and over what if I had done this or seen that…. I sit here in tears just saying this much….

On the plus side, after 3 years, I meet his legal guardian who is a family member and he got to see her for the first time since he has lived with us. She wasn’t very nice to me and told me if I had taken better care of him and for him this wouldn’t have happened. I couldn’t say a word to her, just a huge lump in my throat but no words. I over heard her asking a nurse, did this happen because of neglect? The nurse answered her, NO he has been failing for over a year now…

Today he isn’t any better and I spent the entire day at the Emergency Room with my husband who is having chest pains again. Good news for him they think it’s just a side effect to the new meds they started him on…..Whew….Another long day of worry for me.

And since Monday my beloved mare, Sage is sick and the vet unless an emergency can’t get here until TUESDAY! She is coughing, coughing coughing. Lucky no temprature.

On the bright side it has been a beautiful week here, warmer and SPRING IS HERE!!!! At least by the calendar.

eggsMy Black Java hatching eggs arrived today. I’m sending them home with my niece to care for them until I can pull things back together around here and back on a good schedule. My days have been at the hospital….

Yes, BJ is for Black Java. Aren’t they packages so nice. I’m very happy that all the packaging is paper and will compost nicely with no waste. Each egg was wrapped in toilet paper then put into the egg carton. The eggs are brown, but it might look as though they are white in this picture. That is the TP 🙂 These are from Superior Farms. It’s interesting that all the Black Java eggs have the #109 on them. I think that is the number given to a particular bird. The White Creasted Black Polish have several numbers on them. Small things make me so happy!



Hope you all have a wonderful spring weekend and rest.



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  1. Oh gosh! It sounds like a hard week, It never rains but pours.

    I hope things turn around soon for you. And I wouldn’t worry about what that woman said. Where has she been all this time?

    Enjoy the good weather and promise of quiet work in the garden.

    Thinking of you , Karin

  2. So sorry to hear you had such a crummy week! I hope your friend is doing better soon, or at least comfortable and at peace!

  3. Oh, Karyn, you poor thing! I’d be crying too. Do remember, there are all sorts of horror stories about nursing home and elderly care treatment out there. That’s probably what is running through this woman’s mind.

    Can’t wait to see those chickies hatch! And I’m glad to hear you are getting some Spring weather.

  4. I’m so sorry for your lousy week!

    Don’t blame yourself for the “older gentleman’s” illness. Sometimes people just get sick.

    And his legal guardian should be thanking you for looking after him at all!

    On the positive side, I can’t wait to see your chickies when they hatch!

  5. Oh Karyn, hugs from way away Down Under 🙂

    What a lousy week you’ve had, I’m glad the sun’s shining, and your little eggies are bringing you some joy.

    I hope everyone….including your horse….is feeling better soon. Try not to let that persnickety woman upset you, perhaps she was venting her own guilt at you…..whatever, you know that you took good care of him, and people do just get sick, and sometimes with no warning or signs.

    I hope you’re still managing to get a little stitiching done, very therapeutic…..I have 🙂

  6. Thank you everyone for you thoughts. My weekend was busy and restfull at the same time. My friend is still very ill but is showing signs of improvement.

    The eggs are in the incubator and doing their thing.

    Today I have plans to clean up these floors! With all the mud outside they need a good cleaning! Even thought I know the next trip the dog takes outside will be the end of that….:)

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