Seeds are here!

Oh' Sow Pretty!

Oh' Sow Pretty!


All of my seed orders are here, the last of them arrived over the weekend. Didn’t I have fun looking at, holding and reading all those packages. I don’t know what I was worried about, those folks in Maine at Pinetree Garden Seeds would know when I need my seeds.

The seeds are like little works of art both in their packaging design because they are pretty to look at and the fact that depending upon what I do will transform them into something else. Keeping in mind that it was someone far far greater than I who made this perfect little seed. But it is up to me to provide what these little seeds what they need to start growing, producing and return seeds to me.

I am working on a chart to tell me when exactly to sew these seeds. I know our last frost date is Memorial Day and now to study to moon charts to see when exactly to plant all of them. Then do it again for the seeds that I want to grow in succession. Seems pretty easy, now to find the time to do all this figuring while planning two trips in April. It will be a challence to provide care for the seedling while I am away. I’ll have to make a note for son #2 to remember to water them for me. Do they have babysitters for seedlings?

I’ll post my progress as soon as I have made some:)


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