My Favorite Catalog is Here

catalogEvery spring and fall I look forward to the arrival of the Belknap County Conservation District’s (The Co-op’s) plant, tree and fish sale. This is a basic bare bones catalog with no pictures at all, no fancy lay out. So what’s the excitement about?

PLANTS, more specifically plants and trees that actually grow around here! Yup all been proven to do well in our zone 4 climate.

The stock is all grown by the county nursery and sold, sold at reasonable prices. They have a general pick up day so there is no shipping either.

Every year they have something different to offer so it’s always exciting to see what they have, also if you want it you had better order it and order it fast, stock is always limited and what you want probably won’t be offered the next year. The county nursery is on the small side so they don’t grow every thing all of the time.

I have ordered from they for years and always have had good luck with their stock.

If you are looking to add to your farm/homestead, stay within a reasonable budget and know what you are purchasing will thrive in your area check out your local ag-council, conservation agency and co-ops. If you should have any questions about the stock being offered be sure to ask the questions before you make the purchase. Our catalog has good descriptions of what to expect from the stock.

There are also local plant swaps. I have found swaps and church type plant sales to have plants that do well in your area, after all they are dug up from local back yards. Another option is to swap with a neighbor or ask them for starts from the plants they have. Most are happy to do so and pleased you consider their hard gardening work worthy of you being interested in it.


In this spring’s catalog I am going to order:

Strawberry, Sparkle – mid to late season (25 plants $6.) I’m ordering 50

Horseradish, Big Top – (1 root $5.50 5/$25.) I’m ordering 5

Peach, Emies Choice 4-6′ – ($13. each) I’m ordering 2

Peach, Harrow Beauty 4-6′ – ($13 each) I’m ordering 2


Oh’ there is much more, herbs, nut trees, perennials, berries, red wiggler worms, rain barrels, cook books, but these are the ones on my goal list. So that’s what I am sticking to. The peach trees have been on my goal list for a few years now, every fall when the local nurseries have their sales the trees are pretty sad, or I miss the sale.

The red wigglers are also on my list but I won’t be ready for them in time for their delivery.  But before I cross them off the list this time I will check to see if they could stay in the cellar in a 5 gallon bucket for a month or so while I get their permanent home ready for them.

Worms are a great simple way to compost your kitchen scraps among other things. Mine will have to stay in the cellar as it’s much to cold in the winter for them to stay out side, their home could be moved outside in the summer. But I think they will be handy in the cellar year round. I am going to raise the worms for the compost and tea they make as well as use the worms for feed for the chickens on their way here soon.

I’ll let you know when my order comes in…



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