All About me- I hate Being Cold

I love to be warm. I can’t stand to be cold, I hate shivering, and the cold is painful. A few years back I got frost bite on my cheeks from being out in the cold trying to unfreeze our water pipes at the old house. Now the slightest cold, or too much wind hurts and turns my cheeks red and swollen and I head for cover.

I hate getting into a cold bed and trying to sleep. I don’t seem to give off much heat and it takes half the night for the bed to warm up.  I always fill two water bottles (the rubber ones are hard to find now) just before bed and put them in my bed to warm it up in winter and cool it down in the summer. I must say there is a total of about 3 weeks in July I use them cold. In the winter I use nice flannel sheets, wool blanket and a heavy quilt.

A couple of years ago my nice gave me one of those Cozy Packs, they are gel filled and you pop them in the microwave, or freezer. While this isn’t something I would purchase myself because of the plastic, I do love the thing. It stays warmer much longer than my water bottles and I toss it over my sholder and continue along with my day, or hold it in my lap while I sew or read.

A great natural alternative are heat bags I made filled with flax seed and these work well but again don’t stay warm very long. But I do like them very much. They are made from natural materials and compost well when they have out lived their life.

To make them I simply used some flannel from an old sheet and cut it to size. Sewed up the sides, up the middle a few times to make compartments, added the flax seed to 3/4 from the top then sewed the top closed. Nothing to fancy but it works. Some times I will add a few herbs such as Lavender or Chamomile for a nice relaxing sleep. They smell very good when warm.

When using them take care they don’t get wet or the flax will mold on you. Ans that you don’t microwave them to long or the flax will burn and trust me it smells really bad.

I often ask myself why I continue to stay here in such a cold climate as New Hampshire. The answer is simple to me, I have always been here, my family is here and I love the seasons. Winter is something I put up with and dress for. It’s a time for me to stay inside and fluff my nest.

It’s not as bad as it was when I was younger, the clothing and boots are warmer and I don’t have to go out if I don’t want to. No 9-5 job to report to, my pantry is well stocked, and most any thing I could want is right here at home to hold me over until it warms up.

I live in a great area with plenty of winter activities that people travel miles to get to. Me I don’t ski, snowmobile or ice fish. I do love a ride on the horses on a fine sunny winter day, and occasionally enjoy snow shoeing but that’s about it for me, it’s cold out side…

The calender tells me spring is only a few weeks away but outside there are several more weeks of cold and snow. It will start to warm up the end of April and by the end of May the gardens will be ready to plant, I will be able to sit outside in the warm sun and defrost my frozen bones of winter. The cold weather of today will be memories and something to joke about around the third week of July when it’s to hot. 🙂

Have a great day


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  1. I’m with you, I hate to be cold but I continue to live in the Midwest. But I think the season variations are what I like so I tolerate the cold. I can’t wait to start planting my garden outside. It will be a few weeks yet.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    I think that’s why I stay here too, and of course my family is here. Won’t it be nice to shovel dirt instead of snow!

    Think spring.

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